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J 99 Sailboat For Sale

J/Boats is an American boat builder based in Newport, Rhode Island and founded by Rod Johnstone in 1977. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of fiberglass sailboats.Rod Johnstone had completed a correspondence course at the Westlawn School of Yacht Design in the 1960s and in 1975 was working selling advertising for Soundings, a sailing trade magazine, when he started a homebuilt boat project. His first boat design, named Ragtime, was built on weekends, in his garage in Stonington, Connecticut. He raced the boat in the summer of 1976, with a crew made up of family members and amassed a very successful racing record. The co-founder of Pearson Yachts and owner of TPI Composites, Inc, Everett Pearson, made an agreement with Johnstone to produce the design in a new factory, in return for the exclusive United States building rights. The factory was established in an old textile mill in Fall River, Massachusetts. The design was designated as the J/24 and Johnstone arranged display advertising for the new boat in Soundings.The company’s initial design, the J/24, is their most successful, with over 5,500 built. The J/24 is sailed 27 countries and is the world’s most popular one design keelboat. By 2020 the company had built almost 10,000 boats and had eight designs in production: the J/70, J/80, J/88, J/99, J/111, J/121, J/112E and the J/122E. In December 2020, a new model, the J/9, was announced for 2021. Rod Johnstone’s brother, Bob Johnstone joined the new company to handle marketing and also invested $20,000 in start-up costs. He had been working as vice president of marketing for AMF/Alcort, the builders of the Sunfish sailboat at that time, but was unable to interest them in the J/24 design. The two Johnstone brothers became business partners in J/Boats.The company intentionally avoided the production aspect of the business, leaving that to Pearson Yachts and instead concentrating on design and marketing.Production of the J/24 started in 1977 and the new partners expected to sell 250 boats that first year, and actually sold 750. By early 1978 the class was popular enough to hold a one-design regatta in Key West with twenty boats competing and by that summer sixty-eight competed in Newport, Rhode Island.Early successful designs included the 1983 J/22, the 1982 J/29 of which 298 were produced with a design first of either a Fractional Rig (FR) or Masthead (MH) rig, and the 1983 J/35 with 330 produced. The company classifies its designs into one design, offshore cruisers, offshore cruiser-racers, day sailers and weekend cruisers and pure racing designs

Beginning in 1985, Sailing World magazine began awarding Boat Of The Year (BOTY). J/Boats has been the overall winner five times, and a segment winner 16 times.
As Sailboatdata described, ”the J/Boats company, a family affair started with brother Bob Johnstone, is arguably the most successful producer of performance-oriented boats in the world with nearly 10,000 boats built to Johnstone designs.”The company’s model names all start with ”J/” and then the design’s length overall (LOA), in feet (such as the J/24), or beginning in 1994 in decimeters (J/130), or starting 2021 in meters (J/9). All J/Boat designs are monohull, sloop-rigged keelboats constructed of cored sandwich fiberglass. The current product line consists of eight models, ranging from the J/70 to the J/122E, ranging in length from 22.75 to 40 ft (6.9 to 12.2 m). A new 9 meter model has been announced for 2021. Past models have ranged from 22.5 to 64.5 ft (6.9 to 19.7 m), from the J/22 to the J/65.

By 1992 a new generation of the Johnstone family was running the company, while the elder Johnstones remained involved. Rod Johnstone’s son Jeff Johnstone became president, while his son Alan Johnstone was named vice-president, while Phil Johnstone is legal counsel. Rod Johnstone’s nephew, Jim Johnstone, became sales director. Five of Jim and Bob Johnstone’s sons serve as members of the board of directors: Jeff, Alan, Stuart, Drake and Phil Johnstone. All the family members involved in the company are serious sailors.
Yacht designer Clinton Hoadley Crane noted in his memoirs that ”America’s Cup racing has never led to good sportsmanship. The attitude of the New York Yacht Club […] has been more that of a man in the forward position at war who has been ordered to hold his position at all costs – at all costs.” In 1930, Thomas Lipton spent $1,000,000 for his Shamrock V challenge when America was facing a stock market crash, but the NYYC still built four cup defenders. The rivalry led both countries to put on a display of true technological innovations using the maximum load waterline length authorized by the rule for Endeavour II and Ranger in 1937.The J Class is one of several classes deriving from the Universal Rule for racing boats. The rule was established in 1903 and rates double-masted racers (classes A through H) and single-masted racers (classes I through S). From 1914 to 1937, the rule was used to determine eligibility for the Americas Cup. In the late 1920s, the trend was towards smaller boats and so agreement among American yacht clubs led to rule changes such that after 1937 the International Rule would be used for 12 Metre class boats.The J Class rule was amended in 1937 to force rigs to weigh a minimum of 6,400 lb. The larger scantling would prevent the frequent dismastings that had been previously observed in the British Big Class season of 1935.

Most J Class yachts were scrapped prior to or during World War II because steel and lead had become precious to the war effort. In the post-war era, J Class racing was deemed far too expensive, so no challenge for the America’s Cup was placed until 1958 with the smaller third International Rule 12 Metre class.

How fast do J boats go?
J/125 upwind target speed is 7.8 – 8.0 knots. 10+ knots downwind is a daily occurrence. In fact we know of no other boat of its type and length that’s faster.
Following Sir Thomas Lipton’s near success in the 1920 America’s Cup, he challenged again for the last time at age 79, in 1929. The challenge drew all the novelties developed in the previous decade on small boats to be ported onto large boats, and pitted British and American yacht design in a technological race. Between 1930 and 1937, the improvements brought to the design of sailboats were numerous and significant:The creation of the J Class Association in 2000 and the launch of a new replica of Ranger in 2004 accelerated the revival of the class. Several replicas and original designs were subsequently built and the association now organizes races for the J Class in Newport, Falmouth and Cowes.

A revival of the J Class was triggered by Elizabeth Meyer, who oversaw the refits of Endeavour and Shamrock V. For several decades Velsheda lay derelict in the mud of the Hamble river – she was refitted in 1984, too, and then more completely in 1997.
The J Class of racing yachts (sometimes called ”J-boats”) were built to the specifications of Nathanael Herreshoff’s Universal Rule. The J Class is considered the apex of the era when the Universal Rule determined eligibility in the America’s Cup.Other boats raced in J Class regattas: the yachts Katoura (Starling Burgess, 1927), Resolute (Nathanael Herreshoff, 1914) and Vanitie (William Gardner, 1914) served as trial horses and most International Rule 23mR yachts were converted to the J Class, of which three remain in existence: Astra, Cambria and Candida. The current J Class fleet comprises nine boats: Endeavour, Hanuman, Lionheart, Rainbow, Ranger, Shamrock V, Velsheda, Topaz, and, launched in January 2017, Svea. All these improvements may not have been possible without the context of the America’s Cup and the stability offered by the Universal Rule. The competition was a bit unfair because the British challengers had to be constructed in the country of the Challenging Yacht Club (a criterion still in use today), and had to sail on their own hull to the venue of the America’s Cup (a criterion no longer in use today): the design for such an undertaking required the challenging boat to be more seaworthy than the American boats, whose design was purely for speed in closed waters regattas. The yachts that remain in existence are all British, and probably log more nautical miles today than they ever did. This would not have been possible if Charles Ernest Nicholson did not obtain unlimited budgets to achieve the quality of build for these yachts.On March 12, 2020, Svea and Topaz collided while maneuvering at the start line of the Superyacht Challenge Antigua. Both boats retired from racing with damage; two sailors were injured.

In August 2001, as part of the celebration of the 150th Jubilee of America’s Cup celebration, the three existing J Class racers were brought to the Isle of Wight for a round the island race.

The original yachts carried 165 ft (50 m) masts, but they dismasted frequently. As a consequence, British yachtsman Sir Richard Fairey (Chairman of Fairey Aviation, and owner of Shamrock V) suggested an America’s Cup challenge in the smaller K-Class. The New York Yacht Club refused the drop in size.The numerator contains a yacht’s speed-giving elements, length and sail area, while the retarding quantity of displacement is in the denominator. Also the result will be dimensionally correct; R will be a linear unit of length (such as feet or meters). J Class boats will have a rating from 65 to 76 feet (20 to 23 m). This is not the overall length of the boat but a limiting factor for the variables in the equation. Designers are free to change any of the variables such as length or displacement but must reduce the other variables to compensate. By the 1980s only three J Class yachts were still in existence: Shamrock V, Endeavour and Velsheda, all designed by Charles Ernest Nicholson. Velsheda never served for an America’s Cup challenge. The same can be said for the J/99, she has the comfort and space where it’s needed: the saloon and the twin double aft cabins, but the minimum where it’s not.

Admittedly she did have brand new 3Di carbon sails, these add to her cost and performance, but even so she’ll be able to be sailed with the minimum of effort whatever sails you choose.Cruising isn’t what she was primarily designed for, but if you want speed and control (and the potential to have great fun screaming along the coast and more fun short-handed passage racing), then she could be a great choice.

Usually, speed means running along a knife-edge – one minute you’re grinning like a fool, pushing the envelope of control, while the next you’re retrieving waterlogged pieces of a spinnaker and looking an expensive repair bill square in the eyes.

If you’re port hopping, sailing or racing during the day and eating out in the evening, there is no need to carry a fully-furnished interior, a large weighty galley and tonnes of spare water you won’t use.

She can be cruised, which is why you’ll find her in these pages, but what she does better than other cruising yachts her size, is sail well and sail fast.We can so easily get hung up on needing more to cruise, the more stuff we have, the more power we need, the bigger batteries, the extra charging which all weighs and slows the boat down. When I go travelling I spend as little time in my hotel room as possible, so why pay more for 5 star luxury features I’m not going to take advantage of? The daysailing community has not benefitted from a dedicated design from J/Boats since the award-winning J/100 (33’), which remains one of the most sought-after J’s created. The NEW J/9 offers the cockpit comfort and sailing features of a larger boat, at a price most will find competitive to the best brokerage offerings.Responding to a growing need amongst sailors for a more comfortable, simpler and easy-to-own daysailer, J/Boats is excited to announce a sleek new 28 footer (the “J/9”) with perhaps the most comfortable cockpit and easiest-to-manage sailplan in this size range.• Tiller steering – more responsive and maneuverable than a wheel, and the driver can comfortably sit with feet braced across the cockpit. At anchor, simply hinge up the tiller to expand one’s social area. And for solo sailors a belowdecks auto-pilot is available.“With the J/9, we set out to reimagine how to make sailing easier, more relaxing and more inclusive,” said Jeff Johnstone of J/Boats. “This is a boat you can sail by yourself in just a few minutes, or bring along the whole gang with plenty of room to spare. Escaping to the water and enjoying shared family adventure has never been more important, and the J/9 is the perfect platform.”

• Interior with main cabin seating, cooler, storage compartments, ventilation from two opening ports and skylight hatch, and a marine head system forward of the main bulkhead with privacy curtain and optional V-Berth package.
Sailing the J/9 is as easy as hoisting the mainsail and trimming the sheet. Why make it any more complicated? Look around on the water and you’ll notice 80% of the sailboats are sailing with only one sail. The answer is keep it simple! One tiller, one sheet. The big difference with the J/9 is you will be sailing with one sail more comfortably and quicker than most others with two sails or under motor. Ready for the afterburners? Simply unroll the jib and enjoy effortless, stable & smooth sailing from the comforts of the best J/Boats cockpit ever.

How fast is the j99 sailboat?
The J/99, however, has speed, stacks of it, but it’s effortless. At 8 knots we might as well have been sailing at 4 knots for all the worry there was on board.
The J/9 cockpit has four great corner seats to nestle into and enjoy the day. With friends and family aboard, everyone can find the perfect place to relax. And access aboard has never been easier. A swim platform behind the cockpit allows walk-through boarding, and on those downwind sails home, you can cool off by dragging your feet in the water.

How much does a j80 cost?
The average price ranges between $25-35,000 all up, and as previously mentioned, the J/80 tends to hold its value since older boats are build solid and are competitive with newer boats.
Review: In around 8 to 10 kts of wind the J/9 quickly reached 7.5 kts reaching speeds and she sailed upwind with beautiful balance on the helm. The J/9 is a very close-winded boat, tacking through 77 degrees with ease and fetching upwards of 6.5 knots boatspeed.The Murray Yacht Sales Team has been serving the Gulf Coast since 1974. We are proud to represent Beneteau Sailboats & Excess Catamarans from Texas to Florida. If you are looking to buy or sell your sailboat or powerboat, Murray Yacht Sales is the premier yacht brokerage choice. Our offices serving Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida will provide you with selection when buying and exposure when selling your boat. What’s Unique About J/125’s Construction? The J/125 is built to ABS offshore specifications by TPI Composites using the SCRIMP resin-infusion process. Tests conducted by the US Naval Surface Warfare Center at Carderock, MD established that the properties of laminates produced by TPI’s patented SCRIMP resin-infusion process are superior to low-energy pre-pregs used by many custom boat shops and twice the strength of hand lay-up. To jibe, cast off one sheet and pull in the other. No need for anyone on the foredeck. To douse the spinnaker, cast off the sheet and pull the sock down over the sail from the cockpit. Stow when ready. Can you imagine the surprise of other sailors as you fly by them in 15 knots of breeze doing 10-12 knots?pre-pregs. There is no entrained air in a SCRIMP laminate. 1% void content reduces flexural strength by 10%. Note that 50% fiber content in a carbon laminate equates to 67% carbon/33% resin by weight. See the comparison of composite properties of low cost fabrication methods in the chart above.

Getting the Gun – One of the thrills J/125 owners experience frequently is being first-to-finish and getting the gun. The local crowd ashore assumes, as in other types of races, being first across the line determines the winner. J/125 upwind target speed is 7.8 – 8.0 knots. 10+ knots downwind is a daily occurrence. In fact we know of no other boat of its type and length that’s faster. Finding crew for weeknight and Saturday races is hardly a problem when you’re first to the party.
Stability & Seaworthiness- The sense of solidity and power when sailing the J/125 is explained by J/125’s extraordinary stability index of 143 degrees with a stability curve ratio of positive to negative areas of 12.5:1. This greater stability is combined with a balanced hull-form with proper amounts of reserve buoyancy forward, capable of safer & controllable higher-speed planing offshore in large waves and providing a wider steering groove upwind for sustained peak performance by average helmspersons. No IMS rule-inspired hull form can match the high 4.72 length to beam ratio of this sea-kindly yacht nor the reserve buoyancy designed into her bow sections. High length to beam ratio insures straight tracking in rough seas and light steering loads. Sailboats with fine bows and full midship sections are more difficult to balance and more likely to spin out of control in big waves.

The 41 foot J/125 is as close to high performance big-boat sailing one can find in a boat that’s manageable (yes, even with spinnaker) by two or three people. J/125 is like a street-legal Indy 500 car that’s easier to drive than the family sedan. Joy in ownership (and investment) is a function of time spent sailing. Time sailing depends on how easy it is to be off “on the spur of the moment” inspired by a beautiful day without having to organize 8-10 crew.
J Boats was hesitant to enter the lightweight race boat market until something like SCRIMP/Carbon technology became available. In our judgment, SCRIMP construction greatly reduces the chances of warranty claims due to laminate failures resulting over time from pounding into waves and/or rig tension or ballast loads.When Stewart finally ­wrestled the helm away from Allen, he expected to be over­powered, being a few bodies shy of ideal weight on the rail. “With only three on the rail, it settled nicely,” he says. “We got to 7.5 knots upwind with ease, and when we put the kite up, everything all worked fine. It’s all really simple. We got it ripping downwind at 10 to 11 knots easily.”

The interior speaks to the boat’s dual-purpose calling: There are aft cabins and an option for flip-up pilot berths amidships, but the forepeak, with a head only, is left open for sail storage and spinnaker douses. Construction is a mix of balsa and CoreCell in the hull, all of it scrimped and infused.
The Johnstones campaigned their stock French-built J/99 in New England with mixed results during the summer of 2019, with a provisional base PHRF rating of 78. Once they learned how to better tune the aluminum rig, Johnstone says they began to realize its true colors: “Our top speed, in 30 knots, [in Cowes, England] with six on board, was 18.5 knots,” he says. “We jibed it four or five times with outside jibes without any problems while boats were ­wiping out all around us.”While tempting to cater to an emerging shorthanded market with a highly specialized boat, he adds, they didn’t want a one-trick pony with the J/99. “That’s not how we, or our owners use our boats,” Johnstone says. “We like a boat that can day sail well, have room for a full crew and set up right for shorthanded sailing.”

Johnstone’s preferred model for comparison is the company’s big seller of earlier days. “Think of it as a modern J/105, with more headroom,” he says. “In terms of interior volume, it feels like twice the boat of a 105. But it’s quicker. It’s 2 feet smaller, and it’s more stable. It’s also slippery in light air.”
Like the J/111 and J/88 that preceded it, the J/99, he notes, continues a good trend for Corinthian-level owners and teams; it’s a boat that’s as powerful as it is versatile. “It’s not meant to be a strictly reaching kind of boat. It’s stiff upwind, and with the controls all led right, it’s a boat you can get a lot out of.”Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Sailing World may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site.

The tapered mast is aluminum with an extruded mainsail track, which adds considerable stiffness to the rig, Stewart says, while keeping the overall tube‑weight low.The J/99 was a favorite and a serious Boat of the Year contender. The judges sailed it on the snottiest day on the week, and as the breeze ratcheted ever higher, the boat, they said, comes alive. They’ve come to expect nothing less of a J Boat, because designer Alan Johnstone is on a roll. For J devotees and owners, of which there are many, the J/99 will feel like home. “It’s a boat that’s as powerful as it is versatile. It’s stiff upwind, and with the controls all led right, it’s a boat you can get a lot out of.” —Greg Stewart To that end, he points out, everything in the halyard and sail-control department is within reach of the tiller; at the same time, the cockpit can accommodate a busy five- or six-person crew for hustling around the cans.“We’ve been missing a sweet spot in the 33- to 35-foot range with a performance boat that combines headroom and accommodations for family sailing, but is also purpose-built for owners aspiring to do double­handed sailing,” J Boats’ Jeff Johnstone tells the judges.

How much is a new j99?
It’s stiff upwind, and with the controls all led right, it’s a boat you can get a lot out of.” At $220,000 all-up, Allen adds, this boat is also an absolute bang for your buck.
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Sweden Yachts Group was founded in 2017 by Mattias Rutgersson of CR Yachts – a brand started by Mattias’ father Charles Rutgersson in 1989. In 2012 CR Yachts bought out Regina Yachts and subsequently, five years later took over production of both Sweden Yachts and Malö Yachts. All production moved to the Malö yard at Kungsviken whilst the CR yard became the group’s Yacht Service facility.The group builds all yachts to the same exceptional standards one expects from these brands, ensuring that they are safe, comfortable, and easy to sail, with excellent performance. Skilled craftsmen build each boat to a customer’s specification and we continuously strive to be at the forefront of technology by always using the best suppliers and materials.

Sweden Yachts Group is one of the world’s leading yacht manufacturers. We are the proud producers of CR Yachts, Sweden Yachts, Malö Yachts, and Regina Yachts. All of our boats are built at our yard in Kungsviken, on the historic boat building island of Orust, Sweden. We are a company that prides ourselves on building solid boats with fine sailing characteristics and high-quality interiors. Please click on the links below to explore our wonderful yachts.
Senaste skvallret från SA. Låter som en sweet båt! J/oining the Fray It looks like J/boats is joining the 10 meter sports yacht battle with the soon-to-be released J/99. A sort-of mini J/109 with some of the features from the 122, we’re told the 99 will have a moderate-weight hull capable of planing, an aluminium […]
Corby-seglaren, Richard Göransson (Inga of Sweden), har fått fint besök vid bryggan. Det är Jonas Grandér som seglat hit sin J/109 Matador från England för att segla Gotland Runt. Men det var inte riktigt lika enkelt som man skulle kunna tro… Och här har vi Matador strax efter start. Man fick till slut köra i […]
Jonas Grandér har precis seglat sin J/109 Matador från Deauville till Stockholm för att vara med på Gotland Runt. 7 dygn med pit-stop i Kiel och Visby. Låter som en bra uppladnning. Här kommer Jonas rapport från J-Cup 2008 – J/109 UK National Championship. Fredagen den 23e till söndagen den 25e maj gick UK National […]With an extensive racing pedigree and the trophies to prove it, this versatile inshore and offshore flyer was launched in 2007 as Beau Geste, then renamed Criminal Mischief in 2008 by her second owner, who went on to win 3 Transpac titles and 2 Cabo San Lucas Race titles. She was sold in 2017 and renamed Lady Kanon under her current Tokyo based owner.

The J/99 is the newest addition to the J/Sport range, combining headroom and comfortable interior accommodation with the tiller-driven responsiveness of a sport boat. The sail and deck plan are optimized for easy handling with fewer crew, and incorporate the latest developments from the award-winning J/121 and the new Offshore Sailing World champion J/112E. The interior features twin aft cabins, a proper sit-down forward facing nav station, an L-shaped galley, and a private forward head with sail locker.
She had a major retrofit in 2014, and is completely fitted out for short and long haul racing. Designed by the internationally acclaimed Reichel Pugh design team and built at Hakes Marine in New Zealand, this is one of the most competitive yachts in the world in this size range.

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The boat went thru a major refit in 2014, engine removed and entire system overhauled. In 2020 prop drop-down box was reworked with all new bearings and seals. New rudder bearings and kelp cutter were also installed. Additional upgrades in 2017 include upgraded Satcoms package and a custom SeaDek cockpit floor, and major upgrade/replacement of running rigging. Her sail inventory was extensively upgraded between 2017 and 2019 with a new main, J2, MHG and Blast Reacher.As of June 2023, the best interest rates for yacht loans typically start around 7.74%. These rates fluctuate with market conditions, inflation, and supply and demand. Borrowers with the highest credit scores and strongest overall financial profiles usually get the best yacht loan rates. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate will be. The best yacht interest rates are reserved for the most well qualified borrowers. A well qualified borrower will have an excellent credit score, a history of on-time payments, provable income, consistent employment history, and no recent bankruptcies or foreclosures.

J/Boats and J/Composites are pleased to announce the new J/99, a 9.9 meter (32.9’) crew-friendly, offshore-capable speedster currently under development at J/Composites in Les Sables d’Olonne, France.
Basic J/120 available at a great price. These are truly versatile boats. Excellent for a weekend short-handed daysailer, or maybe a family cruise to the islands. Equally appropriate for one-design racing in competitive fleets, or offshore distance racing. This is a sound boat with very few modifications. making it the perfect platform for you to tailor her to your sailing goals. Currently setup for daysailing and coastal cruising, she’s ready to join the racing circuit if that is your ambition (part of the beauty of this class are the sail limitations, making the full racing inventory just 5 sails, and only 3 needed for local events!) This is a truly appealing and well-maintained ”classic”, with many amenities and updates that can also be found in newer model boats. On the flybridge, one can sit and enjoy the beautiful weather and the archipelago passing by. The Contrast 33 is a classic, and the first model was launched in 1979. Over 250 boats have since been built, which speaks to the fact that the model has been thoroughly worked out. The boat is designed by Rolf Magnusson who is known for designing easy-sailing and fast family boats, with a well-thought-out deck layout and below deck interior. The cockpit is large, and you sit comfortably, also on the cockpit frame. All halyards are led back to the cockpit. The hull and deck are hand-made sandwich laminate. Stainless steel tanks, Seldén 5/6 rig and lead keel. All in all, a solid quality boat that still to this day offers lots of sailing pleasure.Hallberg-Rassy 34 is a fantastic combination of good sailing and living Environment.The best in class. Lots of Equipment and in good condition. BOOKED – DEAL UNDER PROGRESS

How many J class yachts are there?
nine boats The current J Class fleet comprises nine boats: Endeavour, Hanuman, Lionheart, Rainbow, Ranger, Shamrock V, Velsheda, Topaz, and, launched in January 2017, Svea. On March 12, 2020, Svea and Topaz collided while maneuvering at the start line of the Superyacht Challenge Antigua.
The Hallberg-Rassy 40 is a fantastic 40-foot sailboat. This example from 2007 is well updated and is in many ways both a boat and a dream that could come true.Sunseeker Manhattan 64 is a motor yacht for the boat owner who wants something extra for experiences of speed, comfort and representation. It is well equipped and ready for long wonderful boat trips and experiences Oceanise 45 is a popular performance cruising sailboat designed by Finot Conq Architectes. The popularity of the boat is due not least to the appointment of the prestigious award ”2012 European Yacht of the Year:Family Cruiser”,where the international jury’s choice is justified by good and safe sailing characteristics compared to a modern design, and spaciousness and layout. The boat was built between 2011 and 2018 by Bénéteau. This Hallberg Rassy 37 is sold by its first owner. This is a well-built long-distance boat with good sailing characteristics and level of equipment. The boat is designed to thrive at sea, with the safety of the centercockpit and the stable sailing characteristics. At the same time, a boat that invites for long stays on board, with large spaces below deck.

Hallberg-Rassy 54 is one of the most elegant models from the Hallberg-Rassy yard to hit the water. This particular 54 has had one owner since new in 2009. A lovely yacht!
This is a boat where there is no compromise on quality and sailing performance, and without distinction to price. The Olsen 370 is a beautiful boat with an efficient design that tastefully pays homage to clean modern lines, and with a simple and well-thought-out deck and cockpit layout that allows one person to sail the boat efficiently. Truly a boat for the discerning and quality-conscious sailor who wants a boat with a design that stands out from the crowd.Scand 29 Baltic is a splendid Norweigan motor-cruiser with a semi-displacement hull, yielding very seaworthy behaviour. The second owner is now selling a lovely boat!

A wery well maintained and unique Sweden Yact 38 is for sale. The boat has been sailed very moderatelly. Only 2 owners which both has taken very well care of the boat. This is an opportunity!
The Dehler 44 offers its owners fast sailing and very high comfort. This vessel has everything you need for active sailing, as well as an enjoyable holiday cruise. Outstanding opportunity to acquire this strong and well-built long-distance sailor with nice accommodation comfort. Plenty of space and good practical solutions. A real ”high performance cruiser” at a reasonable price with plenty of space. Salona 37 has 3 cabins, a spacious saloon and a large cockpit even for a bigger crew. Excellent sailing characteristics throughout the wind register make the boat an attractive option even for those who want to race from time to time. SwedenYachts 340 is a well-built ”Orustboat”. The boat has fine sailing characteristics and high comfort. Fast, stiff, beautiful and strong. A lovely sailboat by the masters at Sweden Yachts. A genuine Nimbus in contemporary, stylish Scandinavian design and high quality in superb condition! The boat is really practical and offers excellent driving characteristics even at higher speeds.Dehler 36 is a German quality sailingboat with exellent sailing performance, attractive and modern design. A combined cruiser and racer with good space and living comfort. Najad 441, year 1998. The yacht is in normal condition. Fully equipped for long sailing tours. Comfortable, safe and with very good sailing performance. This sailing yacht has a very good standard on board. BOOKED A sporty and modern sailboat with excellent sailing characteristics. Here you will find all the comfort and space you need even for a longer holiday sail.

This is an easy-to-handle all-round boat with an impressive design in terms of comfort inside, at the helm or on deck. With well-planned interior details, the Oceanis Clipper 323 offers comfortable living and storage spaces. It has all the beneficial features of a larger boat.

How fast does a j9 sailboat go?
The J/9 is a very close-winded boat, tacking through 77 degrees with ease and fetching upwards of 6.5 knots boatspeed.
Arcona 380, model year 2019, sold fully equipped and ready for new owners. A nicely and cleverly designed boat with high standards for sailors who want to get the most out of their boat ownership.A beautiful barely used Oceanis 43 is coming for sale! The perfect family boat with 3 cabins. Now visible in Malmö! A great long-distance cruising or archipelago hopping yacht, offering a great combination of beautiful interior modern design, comfort and performance.

Sunseeker Predator 74 powerboat is an extraordinary motoryacht. It’s strong, powerful an elegant designed. A motor yacht to notice in the Harbor. (Contracting in progress)
Comfortina 35, 2005. 1 Besitzer. Die Yacht ist in hervorragendem Zustand. Hervorragende Segeleigenschaften und sehr ästhetischer, wunderbar heller Sitzbereich.Hallberg-Rassy 42F from 1997 in truly remarkable condition.This boat has been cherished from the egg, spending winters in its own heated ”apartment”, enjoying owners who have spent both elbow grease och pieces of eight keeping her shining!

Vindo 45, is a lovely classic in the great shape. Only two owners since new and continuously very well maintained and upgraded. An opportunity to buy one of the best Vindo-models made. A great boat which ”has the looks”!

A fantastic, high-class boat for the demanding sailor who wants great sailing characteristics and comfort with a traditional feeling. This beauty is used for boat shows and demostration, the boat is in excellent condition and sensibly equipped.
Here is the opportunity to acquire a very well maintained and well-equipped copy of the acclaimed Flipper 670 ST, which is known for building high-quality boats where every detail is carefully thought out and where sailing performance is paramount.

The Beneteau Swift Trawler 42 is a lovely, beautiful and high-class boat that almost feels like a small ship. Beneteau has managed to create a combination of wonderful cruising at moderate speed with the possibility of fast passages when needed, and with the highest possible convenience.
A close to new Regina Yacht with a lot of extra equippment. The condition of the boat are ”as new”. This is a great opportunity to purchase a ”new” boat for instant delivery.The Hallberg-Rassy 372 is an aft cockpit boat of the highest standard with lots of sailing-quality in its beautiful hull. One owner since the boat was new in 2009.Beneteau Oceanis 423 Clipper from 2006. A powerful, safe and fast cruiser designed by Group Finot. Spacious and very well equipped for local or long distance cruising.The boat’s third owner is selling his Princess V45 from 2009, with 2 Volvo Penta D6-370 engines. This is a sporty quality boat with great handling characteristics with a sense of comfort and luxury from the well-known boat manufacturer Princess Motor Yachts.

Where are J boats built?
J/Boats is an American boat builder based in Newport, Rhode Island and founded by Rod Johnstone in 1977.
Galeon 280 is a boat with pretty much everything. The yard has managed to fit two sleeping cabins, salon, large cockpit, flybridge with sun deck and bathroom with shower into a boat under 9 m.

Modern, high quality yacht building from Najad, aft cockpit, twin wheels, and three double cabins. From 2008, and very well maintained and updated. Never longdistance cruised, excellent shape, ready to go.
Vagabond 52 ketch from 1994 with only one owner who has sailed the boat home to Europe from the renowned shipyard Blue Water Yacht Builders Ltd. in Taiwan. The boat is solidly built and fitted in the highest quality teak. The boat has been on land under tarpaulin for the past 10 years and appears dry and in original and generally good condition, but needs a major renovation, after 10 years of standstill. All equipment is available for the boat and is stored in a heated hall throughout the years. The engine has just undergone a service check by authorized engine company, where the engine has been reviewed, has been started up and compression tested. There is an invoice and a description of the engine condition.

How many J boats are there in the world?
In total nine J Class yachts are currently active, including three original surviving Js – Velsheda, Shamrock and Endeavour – and six replicas that have been built since 2003; Ranger, Rainbow, Hanuman, Lionheart, Topaz and Svea.
Well kept Nauticat 43 Ketch built 1987. Sparingly used during the years and only sailed in sheltered waters in the archipelago. Sailed by same owner last 13 years.The sporty, spacious, and very individual Quicksilver Activ 755 Weekend is a boat that’s made for being on the water and makes every voyage an adventure. With room for nine people, the spacious dining area with galley makes those moments spent with family and friends, extra special. While the private forward berth, mid berth and enclosed toilet are just part of the on-board comfort that makes the overall experience a real pleasure. With the 250 HP from the efficient and quiet Mercury Verado outboard the sailing performance are optimally utilized.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a Malø 45 in very good and updated shape. The boat has only been sailed by the owners in Scandinavia, no charter, and has been stored inside every winter where it has been serviced by professional boat yard. Over the last 4 years more than 500.000 DKK has been invested in the boat.
The winner boat – First/Seascape 24 in excellent condition is now sold by its first owner. A boat for picky sailors with demands on performance and feeling.

Is the j9 Trailerable?
Interior with main cabin seating, cooler, storage compartments, ventilation from two opening ports and skylight hatch, and a marine head system forward of the main bulkhead with privacy curtain and optional V-Berth package. Easy to trailer behind an SUV or ship overseas on an angled cradle inside a container.
Dufour 40 E Performance A lavish and well maintained Dufour 40E Performance from 2010. The boat truly has a bit of “extra everything” with many tasteful extra options provided by the yard such as the incredibly beautiful teak deck which is vacuum glued. Launched in 2010, the Dufour 40 E is an ultra-modern cruiser and racer. The model won the Gotland Runt in its class in the summer of 2010.

S/Y Ara is a genuine ”Classic Six-meter” (6 mR), both beautiful and fast! The boat is competitively equipped with a lot of new equipment, but is also sensibly equipped for archipelago sailing with overnight stays.
Amel Sharki built in 1984, but virtually in condition as new. Superbly maintained and updated. The opportunity of sailing for weeks with an unbroken horizon is still there. Don’t wait!

The boat’s first owner is selling this well maintained and well equipped ultimate weekender! With attention to detail and comfort, the Antares 9 is an invitation to spend more time at sea. The boat is modern and stylish, together with traditional elegance.
Anthem is a true ”one-off” yacht built to the highest standards. Anthem is the kind of yacht that will never limit you, whatever the plans. The second owner is now putting this fast and feisty beauty on the market!

Jeanneau SO 49 Performance 2007 in excellent condition. The Kevlar-reinforced hull, in combination with a higher rig and performance keel, makes her a first-rate passage maker.
Hallberg Rassy 37 is a well-built long-distance boat with good sailing characteristics and level of equipment. The boat is designed to thrive at sea, with the safety of the centercockpit and the stable sailing characteristics. At the same time, a boat that invites for long stays on board, with large spaces below deck.The Hallberg-Rassy 42F MKII designed by German Frers is a very popular and comfortable cruising yacht for which distance is no object. This is a unique opportunity to acquire the respected HR-42F MKII. This boat is in very good and updated shape and with two owners only, where the first owner sailed the boat for 19 years. The boat has only been sailed by the owners and has been stored inside every winter where it has been serviced by professional boat yard. The boat is in winter storage in Denmark, and is ready for launch equipped with new antifouling, hull and coach roof polishing and full engine service. The boat is only waiting to be handed over to a new owner as soon as the spring arrives.Steel Ocean Lady 430, a clinker-built one-off boat, built by Stalmarin AB in Lindome. Designed and constructed by Arne Borghegn and Hakan Borjesson and furnished by Batsnickarna in Gothenburg. A one of a kind cruising yacht, impeccably maintained. Nord West 410 launched 2000, a fantastic boat of the highest quality from Vindön, Sweden. This 410 is one of only two built with VP TAMD 74P, a total of 960 Hp. A beautiful yacht! Offers welcome. Hallberg Rassy 312 from 1980 in a very good condition. Many upgrades such as new elevated rig with furler mainsail, new engine, newer teak decks, new spray hood and cockpit extension etc.

This vessel was chartered and used to explore the Mediterranean. It is in excellent condition and has been maintained well over the years. The Jeanneau 469 is now available in Sweden, VAT paid.

What boats are made in Sweden?
Sweden Yachts Group is one of the world’s leading yacht manufacturers. We are the proud producers of CR Yachts, Sweden Yachts, Malö Yachts, and Regina Yachts.
The Nimbus 320 Coupé is perhaps one of the most successful family boats in the class. Ample space, good user-friendliness and plenty of equipment make the boat a top boat.For almost 150 years, Cranchi Yachts has been producing unique quality boats through a combination of production, design, and engineering work of the very highest standard.

Salona 44 Limited Edition – 3-Cabin Version. A boat out of the ordinary. A real racer/cruiser that is extremely well equipped. A fantastic boat in mint condition. Being sold by the first owner.
Comfortina 39 from 2009 being sold by its third owner. An amazingly well-maintained sailboat with a nice sail wardrobe, great sailing characteristics and high level of comfort on longer journeys at sea.