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Machining Motorcycle Parts

Case brief highlighting the challenges faced by an Indian end user (Associated toolings) when machining gate valves and how Renishaw systems helped overcome them.

Case brief highlighting the typical challenges faced by an end-user in the automotive industry when machining motorcycle cylinder heads, and how Renishaw systems overcame these challenges.
Case brief highlighting the challenges faced by an Indian end user (Universal Manufacturing Company) when producing large turbocharger housing and how Renishaw systems helped overcome them.Case brief highlighting the challenges faced by a British sub-contractor (QEP) when producing a wide variety of products and how Renishaw systems helped overcome them.

Case brief highlighting the challenges faced by a Taiwanese end user (SuperAlloy Industrial Company Ltd) when machining forged alloy wheels and how Renishaw systems helped overcome them.

Generic case brief highlighting the production and process challenges faced by high volume manufacturing companies, how Renishaw systems helped overcome these challenges and the benefits of installing Renishaw systems.
Case brief highlighting the challenges faced by an Italian end user (SAME DEUTZ_FAHR) when machining transmission and gearbox components and how Renishaw systems overcame them.Case brief highlighting the challenges faced by an British end user (BK Tooling) when producing high quality mould tools and how Renishaw systems helped overcome them.

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· From March 15 through 20, Honda will suspend all production activities at its plants listed above as well as at Kumamoto Factory (Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto).Suzuki closed all Suzuki Motor Corporation plants in Japan on 14 March because Suzuki placed priority on the safety of all at subsidiaries and suppliers as well as their family members. Suzuki will suspend production at these plants on 15 and 16 March. The operation after 17 will be decided after we assess the situation. I Japan finns förutom rena motorcykeltillverkare, såsom Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki och Yamaha även en uppsjö av underleverantörer som tillverkar olika motorcykelkomponter. Flera av dessa ligger i de värst drabbade området, och kan komma att påverka motorcykeltillverkningen under lång tid framöver. Honda har stoppat produktionen vid sex anläggningar, inklusive motorcykelfabriken i Kumamoto. Honda har också avbrutit all verksamhet i Tochigi-området, där en anställd avled och 30 skadades när ett hustak rasade till följd av fredagens kraftiga jordbävning.

Meddelar att de bland annat kommer att bidra med 100 miljoner Yen till Katastrofhjälp. Dessutom kommer de se över möjligheterna att bidra med annat materiel,såsom generatorer och fordon till hjälparbetet.· From March 14 through 20, Honda will suspend regular operations at all Honda facilities in the Tochigi area, where damage was more serious, (including Tochigi Factory, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. R&D Center (Tochigi) , Honda Engineering Co., Ltd., etc.), and focus on the recovery of each operation. Honda associates will not come to work during this time. Suzuki har avbrutit produktionen vid sex av sina japanska anläggningar, och däribland fabrikerna i Takatsuka och Toyokawa. Takatsukafabriken producerar motorcykelmotorer medan Toyokawafabriken huvudsakligen ansvarar för produktion och montering av motorcyklar. Fabrikerna stängde 14 mars och kommer till en början att vara stängda till och med 17 mars. Till följd av katastrofen med jordbävningar, tsunami och radioaktivt utsläpp har arrangören av den 38:e motorcykelmässan ”Tokyo Motorcycle Show” valt att ställa in. Samtidigt har Dorna meddelat att årets Japanska GP på Twin Ring Motegi har flyttats från 24 april till den 2 oktober.Relying on a large number of outside component suppliers and vendors, the company has now announced a plan to legislate for any issues arising from delayed parts which are usually delivered on a daily basis from companies across Japan.With production targets met until 16 March, the factory will temporarily halt production on all but one production line on the 17th and 18th, suspending all production on March the 21st which is a National Holiday in Japan. Kawasaki’s Thailand based motorcycle factory remains unaffected by vendor supply issues and continues to manufacture mid-capacity motorcycles at full production levels.

GP-banan Twin Ring Motegi är mer olyckligt placerad, mellan Tokyo och den kraftigt drabbade staden Sendai. Och infrastrukturen i området kring banan är kraftigt skadad. Dessutom har obekräftade uppgifter gjort gällande att även banan i sig har skadats. Samtidigt ligger banan kritiskt nära Fukushima där flera allvarligt skadade kärnkraftsreaktorer finns.
· As of March 14, all production activities are suspended at the following Honda plants: Sayama Plant at Saitama Factory (Sayama, Saitama), Ogawa Plant (Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun Saitama), Tochigi Factory (Moka, Tochigi), Hamamatsu Factory (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) and Suzuka Factory (Suzuka, Mie).Honda would like to express its deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims of The 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake in northeastern Japan and our sincere hopes for the earliest possible relief and recovery of the affected areas.

Everyone was affected by the earthquake off the northeastern Pacific Ocean this time, I would like sincere sympathy. As aid to victims of the earthquake stricken area, Kawasaki give 100 million yen donation.
· A total of 1,000 generators (gasoline-powered and home-use gas canister-powered), along with 5,000 gas canisters. Honda also will dispatch its staff to explain how to use the donated generators.

Confident that any shortfall in production can be included in extra working during the rest of the month, the company is doing its best to combine the need to continue as a successful business with the understandable humanitarian issues that require urgent attention in the devastated regions of Japan.

Den officiella anledningen till varför man valt att ställa in motorcykelmässan är främst på grund av omfattande problem med logistik och infrastruktur i stora delar av norra Japan. Själva mässhallarna har inte skadats rent fysiskt, även om området har drabbats av flera kraftiga skalv.
The main production facility for Kawasaki motorcycles located at Akashi near Kobe in Japan was unaffected by last week’s earthquake according to staff at the huge industrial complex.“We hope that there will be no significant production delays and that the supply of motorcycles and spare parts will remain largely unaffected by any planned stoppages”, said Mr Yasushi Kawakami, the Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe who is at the factory this week for a series of scheduled meetings. “Kawasaki staff in Japan, and across the world, would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those who continue to be affected by this terrible event”.

The Velvet green metallic paintwork of the Option 719 Olivine gives the bike an iconic look. The chrome-plated LED flashing turn indicators and rear light combination lend an air of exclusivity. Further eye-catching features are the beach bar 36/7 handlebars and chrome-plated, tapered rear silencers.