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Symbiosis Eye Mask

A humidifier can help balance out your space by bringing back moisture. But humidifiers are often expensive and can be high maintenance in order to keep the vapor filtered and sanitized. While a sleep mask can’t add any moisture back into your home, it may trap the moisture around your eyes, keeping them hydrated, or protecting them from dust and allergens.If you have trouble falling asleep every once in a while or if it’s a frequent struggle, a sleep mask may help block out any extra “noise” coming from your brain. Even with your eyes shut, you can often still see or sense activity around your area. A sleep mask can provide sensory deprivation, eliminating extra distractions that may keep you awake at night, like the amount of light entering your eyes.

A recent study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that sleep deprivation is associated with more wrinkles and fine lines around the face. But lack of sleep isn’t the only reason you may develop wrinkles — according to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, we can also develop wrinkles from facial expressions while we sleep. When we sleep on our stomach or side, we compress our facial features, which can lead to more wrinkles.
One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to make sure your environment is totally dark, but this isn’t always possible. Maybe you aren’t ready to invest in blackout curtains, or you’re traveling and don’t have a feasible way to control how dark your environment is. Whatever the case, a sleep mask is an affordable and portable solution to help you block out extra light, fall asleep fast, and even enjoy a more quality night’s sleep.

How do you use the symbiosis eye mask?
How to Use It: Using your delicate ring finger, gently tap a pea-size dollop around each under eye until it’s fully absorbed. More Reasons You’ll Love It: Your hydrated under eyes will look amazing under makeup.
By blocking out external stimuli and distractions, your body can more effectively focus on falling asleep and reaching REM sleep. A study simulated an ICU environment where noise and light were consistent disruptors and found that eye masks and earplugs helped the subjects reach REM sleep faster. This makes sleep masks with ear covers even more effective since they’ll both block out light and sound.When you wear a silk sleep mask, you’re now protecting the sensitive features around your eyes from friction damage. Couple this with a silk pillowcase, and you’re one step closer to true beauty sleep. A sleeping mask can give you that much-needed reprieve, no matter where you are. If you don’t have blackout shades or even need to take a break at work when you’re on the go, a sleep mask allows you to quickly bring some relief to an oncoming migraine. If you wake up with irritated, scratchy eyes, then a sleep mask may help alleviate them — according to BMJ Open Ophthalmology. When you have a heater or air purifier running while you sleep, you can dry out the air, causing you to wake up with dry, irritated eyes. One of the least invasive ways to improve your sleep is to control the lighting in your environment. Research has shown that our circadian rhythm is impacted by light, making a sleep mask useful for getting a good night’s rest when the lighting is out of your control. Light sensitivity, or photophobia, is one of the most common features of chronic migraines. Anyone with migraines knows they can be particularly debilitating when they hit during the middle of the day when sunlight makes it difficult to find a dark room to recuperate in.It’s no secret that getting some extra shut-eye is important for your health and wellness. Whether you’re combating jet lag, or need to block out glowing tech keeping you up all night, often getting that rest can feel out of your control. That’s why a sleep mask is a great option to invest in—it’s one of the few sleeping tools you can bring on the go.

What is a therapy eye mask?
A therapy eye mask is designed to relieve pain and can help with related issues such as puffy eyes, headaches, light sensitivity, migraines, and sinus pain. A therapy eye mask typically provides light pressure around the eye area which can help reduce swelling and discomfort or pain due to swelling.
Controlling the lighting when you sleep is a readily available and cost-effective way to aid your sleep. It’s also a lower risk than sleeping pills or melatonin, which though these may help with a rough night of sleep, aren’t always the ideal permanent solution.

According to the simulated ICU study we mentioned earlier, those who used sleep masks and earplugs were able to fall asleep sooner and get more overall sleep than those who didn’t. And while there isn’t a study on sleeping masks versus earplugs, we know that both work to reduce different distractions that may impede how quickly you hit the hay.
It’s one thing to fall asleep at home with your favorite pillow, but when you’re traveling to a new city, it’s not always feasible to bring one. Leaving your favorite comforts behind can impact your sleep, and it’s not just because you’re missing your luxurious sleep oasis back home.

If you struggle with sleep anxiety, you know how important it is to set up your environment for success. Exposure to light before bed can suppress your melatonin levels, making it difficult to fall asleep. By adding a sleep mask to your bedtime routine, you not only are controlling your environment further, but if you invest in a weighted eye mask, you may experience similar benefits to those who use weighted blankets.

A sleep mask blocks out any extra light that may interfere with a good night’s rest, so you can snooze no matter where you’re at — be it a redeye flight or a hotel room in a bustling city.

Make a sleep mask part of your routine — like brushing your teeth before bed. When you put on your sleep mask, it’s less easy to roll over and quickly check your phone, or even wake up and start doing something else all together.Plus, using one every day may help create a conditioned response in your brain, signaling it to fall asleep whenever you put it on. Couple this with pink or white noise, and you’re all set for a distraction-free sleep.

Just like sleep masks may help you achieve a deeper sleep, they can also potentially help you fall asleep even faster. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed counting down how many hours you have until you wake up. There are many techniques you can try to fall asleep fast, and introducing an eye mask to the equation may speed things up even further.
A study in 2020 found that those that used weighted blankets helped improve sleep and reduced the symptoms of those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Weighted blankets and eye masks offer deep pressure stimulation, which can relax the nervous system. If you’re unsure if you’d be comfortable with a weighted blanket, a sleeping mask is a great place to start out.

How long do you leave an eye mask on?
15 to 20 minutes Typically, most eye masks are worn for 15 to 20 minutes. However, they can be worn for as long as recommended by the brand. Careful, don’t just strip it off. For the best results under those cute eyes, apply the sheet mask 2-3 times a week.
Modern sleep masks come in many designs, so anyone can find one they enjoy and feel comfortable wearing for a full night’s rest. In fact, some can block out both light and sound by covering your ears, helping you fall into a deep sleep.

Is it good to sleep with an eye mask?
Our findings suggest that wearing an eye mask during overnight sleep can improve episodic encoding and alertness the next day. Sleep is crucial for alertness and for preparing the human brain to encode new information. However, it can be disrupted by external stimuli such as light or sounds.
Plus, with the rise of modern technology, humans are exposed to more artificial blue light than ever before — this tech can impact your sleep in big ways. This is especially true in the evening, when you may be scrolling on your phone or watching your favorite series before bed.

Tech in your home doesn’t just keep you up with blue light — it also can be distracting. When you’re having trouble falling asleep, it can be tempting to check your phone to see what time it is, only to procrastinate and find yourself scrolling through your social media feed.
Sleep masks stimulate extreme darkness, which can help you not only fall asleep but also improve your overall sleep quality. We need deep sleep — stages three and four of our sleep cycle — to restore our bodies, repair tissues, and strengthen our immune systems. Without time spent in stages three and four, you may feel sick, depressed, or have trouble concentrating, among many other issues.According to a study in Current Biology, your body actually goes into “night watch” mode, making it harder to sleep in novel environments. Because of this, a sleep mask is the perfect solution to tune out unfamiliar environments, and help you fall asleep no matter where you are.

You might also find some under-eye masks designed to be worn overnight. These are typically preventive. All in all, the simple steps above will get your peepers looking fresh and revitalized in no time.
Under-eye masks are typically crescent-shaped patches. They have recently become popular in the skincare space due to their sheer convenience (goodbye tea bags and sunscreen, lol!).

Best of all? These sheet masks are self-sticking, convenient patches that work magic in 20 mins tops, giving results in just one application. Although some sheet masks might seem a stretch too far, when you do the math per package, it’s not so pricey after all.
Unlike eye creams that often dwell heavily on your skin, eye masks are infused with lightweight but powerful serum packed with restorative ingredients like hyaluronic acid, syn-tacks, and more.Certain products, like BioRepublic’s Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Mask, dare to go a step further. Not only does this sheet mask repair, as the name suggests, but it’s also packed with a youth-enhancing peptide to reduce the look of saggy, puffy skin. A dose of Hyaluronic acid, squalene, and rose water add a triple hitter of hydrating benefits on top of that, leaving your under-eyes looking more youthful in no time.If you’re applying a moisturizer-laden eye mask, give your skin time to drink in all the goodness. Prepping for a special event? Wear them when you wake up, pop them on during breakfast, and remove them just before you leave the house.According to experts, the skin around your eyes is the thinnest in your entire body, and since it contains fewer oil glands, it is more prone to dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.Unfortunately, with most of us swamped with work, visiting the spa or getting 8 hours of sleep is out of the equation, and, let’s face it, there’s only so much that a concealer can hide.

Can you sleep with eye mask on?
Is it Safe to Sleep With an Eye Mask? Yes, you can sleep with an eye mask on every night. Sleep masks are designed to properly fit while still remaining comfortable, so you can still rest well throughout the night.
If you’ve been staying up late (think: bachelorette parties, long flights, or a holiday nosh), chances are the effects are starting to show on the super-delicate area around your eyes.Sure, they’re perfect for Instagrammable selfies, but do eye masks really work? Are they the holy grail of dull, uninspired under eyes as so widely believed? Let’s find out. Sure, eye creams can also remove dark circles and puffiness on a daily basis. But a sheet mask will provide an instant boost of soothing and hydration to your under-eyes. Better still, it’ll have an anti-inflammatory and cooling impact on the skin surrounding your peepers in a way no eye cream can. The best part? We’re always looking to give you the best bang for your buck with some tasty discounts on our under-eye products. Sign up for our newsletter today and get 20% off your first purchase! Tell us a better deal- we’ll wait.

Since the eyes are ultrasensitive, using a sheet mask with powerful anti-aging ingredients, like retinol or niacinamide, can lead to excess irritation. Of course, they are beneficial, but it’s prudent to proceed with caution.
For maximum results, always source under-eye sheet masks from reputable brands. BioRepublic is one of those. Our under-eye sheet masks are a cut above any other in the market. Whether you want to repair your peepers after a night out or simply want a quick fix to signs of aging and stress, we’ve got you covered.

To truly correct deep-set issues for the skin around your eyes, you’ll need to consult a derm about cosmetic procedures. In the meantime, opt for under-eye sheet masks specifically designed to get rid of dark circles and treat puffiness.

Depending on the company, different under-eye sheet masks have different specifications on how to wear them. Nonetheless, these are the simple steps to follow when popping on an eye mask:We typically recommend nice drab ingredients like peptide, rose water, or hyaluronic acid. If you are susceptible to sun damage, it might be worth incorporating a lightener like Vitamin E- that is, if your skin can tolerate it.

Your wear-time will depend on the sheet mask’s ingredients. If the mask contains a powerful active like caffeine, pay close attention to your under-eyes’ reaction (burning or stinging is a red flag) and follow the package’s instructions to the latter.
Most under-eye sheet masks are formulated to be cooling because they help get rid of dark circles and treat puffiness. Leaving them in the fridge overnight before use can heighten the effect. Even better, pair them with a good cup of latte, and you’ll actually want to wake up in the morning.Puffiness and dark circles are just some of the traits that our eyes show when they feel a little out of love and, while sheet masks are not a magic wand, they’ll definitely help reduce unwanted traits.

The top priority for an eye mask is that it is comfortable. It shouldn’t put pressure around your eyes. Plus, no one wants to wake up having to adjust their mask because they’ve got an agonising indent in their nose – you have to be able to breathe!
So you’ve spent hours tossing and turning and you just can’t get to sleep. You’ve even resorted to counting sheep. Maybe you just need a completely dark room to help you drift off. Read on to discover more about who would benefit from wearing an eye mask for sleeping and how one can help you get that perfect night’s rest.

Is it healthy to sleep with an eye mask?
Our findings suggest that wearing an eye mask during overnight sleep can improve episodic encoding and alertness the next day. Sleep is crucial for alertness and for preparing the human brain to encode new information. However, it can be disrupted by external stimuli such as light or sounds.
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Take the Empowering Masks out of their pouches. Add the Boosting Essence to the back of the two white square ion cells on each side of each mask. Make sure the liquid is fully absorbed into each cell. This activates the microcurrent technology. The stressors of life can lead to under-eye puffiness that feels impossible to remove. Thankfully, eye masks help tremendously with de-puffing the area under your eyes, helping you look and feel better than ever. A quick under-eye treatment can instantly brighten and tighten the skin around your eyes. You’ll notice the difference quickly, and the refresh will help energize you to take on the day!Vi använder cookies på vår webbplats för att ge dig en unik, personlig shoppingupplevelse. Vissa cookies är nödvändiga, vissa tillåter oss att erbjuda dig bekväm och snabb shopping, andra hjälper oss att förbättra vår webbplats. Varje gång du använder vår webbplats samtycker du till att Makeup använder och behandlar dina personuppgifter. Mer information om våra cookies och spårning finns i vår information i Sekretesspolicy och cookies .Med denna sändning godkänner du bearbetning av personuppgifter med syftet av erbjudanden och bearbetning av Notino s.r.o. marknadsföringserbjudanden. Du har rätt att återkalla ditt samtycke. Läs mer om detta i integritetspolicy.

Tillverkaren ansvarar för produktens ingredienser. Vi rekommenderar att kontakta tillverkaren direkt angående produktens ingredienser då dessa kan ändras.
Visa din hud lite extra omtanke under vinterhalvåret! Iskalla vindar och minusgrader tillsammans med uppvärmd inomhusluft gör huden extra känslig. Vi har därför fyllt Issue 4: Winter Essentials med fem noggrant utvalda produkter för att ta dig genom vintermånaderna. Upptäck hudvård som effektivt behandlar narighet, torrhet och fina linjer.

Sälj dina bortglömda favoriter i appen. Har du tänkt på alla gamla favoritplagg som hamnar längre och längre in i garderoben? Med Plick får du en chans att ge dem nytt liv och dessutom tjänar du en slant på det. Din garderob kan vara en guldgruva för någon annan!

What happens if you leave eye mask on too long?
Putting on under-eye masks for too long could cause them to stick to your skin. In fact, removing them after they dry out could cause damage to your eyes and the surrounding skin.
I plick-appen har du fri tillgång till alla funktioner och kan gratis lägga upp saker till försäljning. ladda hem appen gratis för att köpa, sälja, följa och likea. plick finns på App Store och Google Play!Köp din nya outfit på Plick. Tänk på de där skorna eller den där klänningen du alltid drömt om men inte riktigt haft råd med. Börja med att skapa en profil. En sökning bort kanske du hittar drömplagget till en tiondel av priset. Vågar du chansa på att inte skapa ett konto?

Ögonkräm, Lugnande, Uppstramande, Utslätande, Återfuktande, Exfolierande, Anti-age, Dermatologiskt testad, Oparfymerad, Parabenfri, PHA-syra, Peptider, Vitaminer, Antioxidanter, Collagen
Vi använder kakor för personligt innehåll och annonser samt för analys av vår trafik. Vi delar information om din användning av tjänsten med våra partners inom sociala medier, annonsering och trafikanalys. Våra partners kan kombinera denna data med information som du delat med dem.

Ögonkräm, Reparerande, Mjukgörande, Lugnande, Utslätande, Återfuktande, Vårdande, Exfolierande, Anti-age, Dermatologiskt testad, PHA-syra, Hyaluronsyra, VitaminerDet beror helt på vad du vill ha för resultat. I testgruppen hade vi både trötta småbarnsmammor som behövde piggas upp till morgonkaffet och testare som la en lyxig mask precis innan festmakeupen skulle åka på. Ett tips är att lägga på ögonmasken när du flyger och sedan dra ner en sovmask över. Du kommer att gå av planet som en nyponros.Vilka eye patches är bäst? Svaret hittar du här i vårt bäst i test 2023! På några ynka minuter kan du bli kvitt en dålig natts sömn. Här är mirakelmaskerna för ögonen som trollar bort mörka ringar och svullnad och får dig att se piggare ut. Riktigt ögongodis, helt enkelt!

BÄST I TEST AV EYE PATCHES 2023. En ögonmask, eller eye patches som det ofta kallas, kan gör mycket för att rädda svullna och trötta ögon och dölja spåren efter en natt med dålig sömn. Damernas Värld ger dig tips och råd om hur du väljer rätt ögonmask – och självklart har vi testat och recenserat för att kunna tala om vilka eye patches som vinner bäst i test!
Är det avsvällning du är ute efter så ger några timmar i kylskåpet en extra skjuts. Kylan i kombination med beprövade dränerande ingredienser som koffein är puffögats bästa vän. Ja, och nej. Masker är till sin natur en quickfix för snabba, tillfälliga resultat. Skulle du använda ögonlappar varje dag skulle du sannolikt få samma långsiktiga resultat som med ett bra ögonserum eller kräm, men också stora hål i plånboken. Se dem som ett komplement för kvicka askungeresultat. Hur ofta eller sällan du vill. Vi använder dem vid behov, när ögonpartiet behöver en snabb renovering eller när vi vill se extra pigga ut. Men det går lika bra att använda dem för den sköna och ofta svalkande känslans skull. Dessutom är eye patches pricken över i:et när du vill lyxa till det med ett härligt hemma-spa!Läs vårt test! Vår testpanel består av åtta kvinnor i olika stadier av livet och med olika hudtyper som har utvärderat allt från effekten på mörka ringar till Sahara-torra flodfåror som akut behöver vattnas.

Utmärkande för masker i sheetmaskformat är att ett material, som hydrogelé, bomull eller biocellulosa, dränks i en stor mängd serum. Eftersom serumet pressas in och blir inlåst av maskmaterialet får huden möjlighet att på kort tid absorbera en stor mängd aktiva ingredienser. Runt ögat får till exempel avsvällande ingredienser extra effekt.
Minst tre personer testar varje produkt. Vi testar fler produkter än de som visas i testet – bara de bästa kommer med. Testperiodens längd varierar, men den är aldrig kortare än två veckor. Allt från doft och konsistens till hur resultatet upplevs bedöms. Därefter sammanställs recensionerna och ett medelbetyg räknas ut.Cousins JN, et al. . Memory encoding is impaired after multiple nights of partial sleep restriction. J Sleep Res. 2018;27(1):138–145. doi:10.1111/jsr.12578.

We examined motor-skill learning by fitting a linear mixed-effects model to the number of correctly tapped sequences with fixed effects of “Mask_type” (eye mask and control), Day (Day 6 and Day 7), and their interaction with random effects for participants and for the year of the experiment (2018 and 2019).
Tononi G, et al. . Sleep and the price of plasticity: from synaptic and cellular homeostasis to memory consolidation and integration. Neuron. 2014;81(1):12–34. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2013.12.025.Experiment 2 was undertaken by 37 native English and Italian speakers (29F, age range: 18–35 years, M = 23.03, SD = 3.52). Of these, four were excluded due to difficulty falling asleep before 05:00 am (n = 1), sudden notification of working commitments (n = 1), and voluntary withdrawal (n = 2). Our final dataset therefore included 33 participants (25F, M = 23.09, SD = 3.57). Sample size was predetermined using a formal power analysis for correlation analysis. A sample size of 29 was needed to detect a correlation coefficient of 0.5 with a conventional α of 0.05 and 80% power. The number recruited slightly exceeded the number needed. All participants gave informed consent for the experiments, which were approved by the Ethics Committee of the School of Psychology at Cardiff University, and received monetary compensation for their participation.

Basner M, et al. . Maximizing sensitivity of the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT) to sleep loss. Sleep. 2011;34(5):581–591. doi:10.1093/sleep/34.5.581.
Schmidt TM, et al. . Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells: many subtypes, diverse functions. Trends Neurosci. 2011;34(11):572–580. doi:10.1016/j.tins.2011.07.001.

van der Werf YD, et al. . Reduction of nocturnal slow-wave activity affects daytime vigilance lapses and memory encoding but not reaction time or implicit learning. Prog Brain Res. 2011;193:245–255. doi:10.1016/B978-0-444-53839-0.00016-8.
Münch M, et al. . Blue-enriched morning light as a countermeasure to light at the wrong time: effects on cognition, sleepiness, sleep, and circadian phase. Neuropsychobiology. 2017;74(4):207–218. doi:10.1159/000477093.Sleep diary data revealed no differences in the number of hours slept while wearing the eye mask (7.15 ± 16.66) or the control mask (7.18 ± 16.82; t(23) = −0.11, p = .914, N = 24). Likewise, there was no significant difference in self-rating of sleep quality (eye mask: 3.13 ± 0.19 vs control: 2.84 ± 0.16; Z = −1.53, p = .131, N = 31). Participants rated the control mask as more uncomfortable than the eye mask (eye mask: 3.10 ± 0.17 vs control: 2.40 ± 0.12; Z = −2.86, p = .005, N = 30), but this did not impact the comfort of the DH with mask (eye mask: 2.83 ± 0.18 vs control: 2.83 ± 0.17; Z = 0.00, p = 1.000, N = 30).

Is it OK to wear an eye mask every night?
Yes, you can sleep with an eye mask on every night. Sleep masks are designed to properly fit while still remaining comfortable, so you can still rest well throughout the night.
Ambient light can influence sleep structure and timing. We explored how wearing an eye mask to block light during overnight sleep impacts memory and alertness, changes that could benefit everyday tasks like studying or driving. In Experiment 1, ninety-four 18–35-year-olds wore an eye mask while they slept every night for a week and underwent a control condition in which light was not blocked for another week. Five habituation nights were followed by a cognitive battery on the sixth and seventh days. This revealed superior episodic encoding and an improvement on alertness when using the mask. In Experiment 2, thirty-five 18–35-year-olds used a wearable device to monitor sleep with and without the mask. This replicated the encoding benefit and showed that it was predicted by time spent in slow-wave sleep. Our findings suggest that wearing an eye mask during overnight sleep can improve episodic encoding and alertness the next day.Faul F, et al. . Statistical power analyzes using G*Power 3.1: tests for correlation and regression analyses. Behav Res Methods. 2009;41(4):1149–1160. doi:10.3758/BRM.41.4.1149.

We implemented a linear mixed-effects (LME) analysis in R with the lme4 package. In all models, we included a fixed effect factor related to the type of mask (two levels: eye mask, control mask) and participant IDs as random effects. In Experiment 1 we also included a random intercept for the year of the experiment (2018, 2019): lmer (DV ~ “Mask_type” + (1|Subject) + (1|Year), data, REML = FALSE), where DV is the dependent measure. Note that we included “year” in order to capture any variability due to slight differences in the control condition in 2018 and 2019. Predictor was coded as follows: “Mask_type”: eye mask = 1, control = 0. To determine statistical significance, we conducted a likelihood ratio test (LRT) in which the full model with fixed and random effects was compared to a reduced model with random effects only. Chi-square statistic (χ), associated degrees of freedom, and p-values for the final models are pro`vided. Additionally, Akaike Information Criteria related to a full model and to a reduced model were also reported. Significance threshold was set at 0.05. For all models, visual inspection of residual plots was used to assess the model assumptions of linearity, homoscedasticity, and normality of the residuals. Effect sizes were computed using lsr package [26]. All figures were created using ggplot2 R-package [27]. Descriptive statistic of the tasks for both experiments is reported in Supplementary Results (Experiment 2), Supplementary Table S1.Sleep before learning has been shown to impact subsequent encoding [4–7, 30]. For instance, Van Der Werf et al. revealed impaired declarative encoding accompanied by a decreased hippocampal activation after selective deprivation of SWS [4]. Contrary to previous studies demonstrating a reduction in the total amount of REM sleep in response to bright morning light exposure [31, 32], our examination of sleep macrostructure did not reveal any differences between a night spent wearing an eye mask and a night spent wearing a control mask. Interestingly, however, the memory improvement associated with the eye mask was positively correlated with the time spent in SWS. Encoding of declarative materials has been shown to be enhanced when slow-wave activity (SWA) is artificially increased through transcranial slow oscillation stimulation [29]. The synaptic homeostasis hypothesis posits that SWA (0.5–4 Hz), a hallmark of SWS, promotes the global down-scaling of synapses that have become saturated during preceding periods of wakefulness and thus restores capacity for the encoding of new information [33, 34]. Given this literature, we speculate that while wearing an eye mask did not increase time spent in SWS it may have increased SWA. However, we were unable to measure SWA due to the minimal nature of recording from the DH.

What are the disadvantages of eye mask?
What are the disadvantages of eye masks? If they are too tight, they can leave impressions in your face and around your nose. Too slack and you could end up putting it back in place all night. You may feel self-conscious with one on, especially if you are sleeping in the same bed as your partner or on a plane!
In mammals, the sleep–wake cycle is regulated by the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) of the anterior hypothalamus [9]. SCN activity is strongly synchronized by the light–dark cycle via intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells [10, 11]. The tight interaction between light and sleep regulation is, therefore, clear, with a large body of evidence supporting the impact of light on sleep timing, macro-architecture, and duration [10, 12–16]. A recent study conducted by Wams et al. assessing the link between light exposure and subsequent sleep, revealed that subjects with earlier exposure to light spent significantly more time in slow-wave sleep (SWS) at the expense of rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep [10].

Turning to vigilance, the current findings suggest that wearing an eye mask has a beneficial effect upon behavioral alertness. To be specific, after a night of sleep spent wearing the eye mask, participants responded faster in the PVT. The PVT is among the most widely used measure of behavioral alertness and sustained attention, with negligible practice and aptitude effects over repeated administrations [35, 36]. A variety of studies investigating the effect of light exposure on sustained attention have used this measure after exposing participants to light treatment after a period of sleep or sleep deprivation, with the aim of counteracting sleep deprivation [37–39]. Our observation that PVT is improved after wearing an eye mask merits consideration because of the crucial role played by behavioral alertness in many real-world tasks, ranging from driving to other activities that require rapid responses [21], and because of the ecological setting in which our study was conducted. In fact, our participants slept in the comfort of their own home and were not sleep deprived; moreover, no manipulation of natural light was applied.

Can I use eye mask everyday?
How often should you use under-eye masks? For the best results, use an eye mask twice a week for at least the first two weeks. After two weeks, once a week is ideal for long-term maintenance. To boost your results, use an eye serum under your mask.
The sample size of Experiment 1 was determined using a power calculation based on a pilot study (n = 8) on the Paired associate learning (PAL) task and based on a paired-sample t-test (G*Power Version [23]. This pilot predicted 80% power to detect a medium-size effect (Cohen’s d = 0.3) with 88 subjects and a conventional α of 0.05. Ninety-four native English speakers (59F, age range: 18–35 years, M = 21.07, SD = 2.74) took part in the study. Of these, five were excluded due to voluntary withdrawal, so our final dataset included 89 participants (54F, M = 20.98, SD = 2.68). Due to technical failures when executing the tasks, a further six participants were excluded from the PAL, four were excluded from the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT), and three from the motor-skill learning (MSL) analysis.Lange T, et al. . Effects of sleep and circadian rhythm on the human immune system. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2010;1193(1):48–59. doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.2009.05300.x.

Wams EJ, et al. . Linking light exposure and subsequent sleep: a field polysomnography study in humans. Sleep. 2017;40(12):1–13. doi:10.1093/sleep/zsx165.
Daan S, et al. . Timing of human sleep: recovery process gated by a circadian pacemaker. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 1984;15(2):161–183. doi:10.1152/ajpregu.1984.246.2.r161.Overall, our findings suggest that a simple manipulation—the use of an eye mask during sleep—can lead to superior memory performance and higher alertness the next day. These findings have broad implications for the performance of the many daytime tasks that require learning in educational and cultural contexts, in which particularly effective encoding will determine opportunities for growth, as well as a fast response to external stimuli. Given the current climate of life-hacking, sleep monitoring, and cognitive enhancers, our findings suggest the eye mask as a simple, economical, and noninvasive way to get more out of a night of sleep.

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