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System House Solutions

SIBS provides a turnkey solution that manages the entire value chain from design and configuration to assembly and completion to a global market. We have an exceptional capacity and ability to adapt systems and production for different regulations, climates and needs. We deliver either turnkey houses or modules, providing assistance all the way to the turnkey stage. We are one of the few that deliver fully completed modular houses where spaces such as corridors, stairwells and shafts are also produced modularly.We are a Swedish company with a global reach. The combination of our Swedish building tech systems and our highly tech-efficient production facilities in Penang gives us both a global reach and great capacity.

We have integrated an automated design system and an industrial production system that is fast and where cost and efficiency don’t compromise with our Swedish values of quality or sustainability.The sysyem allows for the modules to be seamlessly adapted in length and width. The modules can also be combined in any number of ways. This makes it possible to maximize the floorspace and flexibility of the final product.

At SIBS we incorporate a wide range of innovations and technologies. Our intelligent building system is fast, and flexible and doesn´t compromise with our Swedish values, quality or sustainability.
Our building system is created for full flexibility to accommodate each individual construction site and project requirements. This enables us to adapt to different countries’ regulations and climates, and deliver superior products, without typical limitations for module dimensions.With our cutting-edge ConstructionTech solutions, our capacity and our fully modular delivery, we’re redefining what’s possible in the world of construction.

With our advanced building system and flexible design automation software, we make complex construction easy and efficient. Together with our capacity, integrated value chain, and just-in-time logistics infrastructure, we can deliver worldwide.
Our factories in Penang, Malaysia have been custombuilt and designed from the ground up to cater to the Group’s operations. This enables highly optimized production facilities.

By having control over the entire value chain, we can ensure everything from quality, delivery, production efficiency, and supplier management, resulting in cost-effectiveness and strong delivery capability.

Penang is a manufacturing hub in Malaysia and has a strong local supply chain and accessibility to raw materials and qualified labour. It is also a strategic location with a sea freight port and the possibility to reach many global markets.
Bolagsvärdet är en kvalificerad bedömning av ett företags teoretiska värde som inte nödvändigtvis reflekterar ett eventuellt försäljningspris av bolaget.Föremålet för bolagets verksamhet ska vara att bedriva utveckling, produktion, försäljning, distribution, relaterat till brandskydd, inbrottslarm, inpasseringskontroll och andra säkerhets och fastighetsrelaterade styr och automatikprodukter samt bedriva därmed förenig verksamhet.

SystemHouse Solutions säkerhetslösningar används varje dag, dygnet runt, i miljöer där exakthet, trygghet och driftsäkerhet är av yttersta vikt. På flygplatser. I kärnkraftverk. På skolor och universitet. Men också i kontorsbyggnader och butiksmiljöer. Helt enkelt där säkerhet behövs, för att få samhället att fungera smidigt.

Information om telefonnummer och mobilnummer hämtas från teleoperatörer. Hittar du inte det nummer du söker, kan just det numret vara dolt för upplysningstjänster.

9PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING DESIGN DIALUX AND RELUXLEDVANCE is collaborating with the developers of DIALux and RELUX software. So you can now easily integrate LEDVANCE products in your lighting designs. Our luminaire data is also BIM-compatible. EVEN MORE CONVENIENT LEDVANCE takes care of tailor-made calcu- lations and offers you a customized solution for your lighting requirements – all from a single source.VIVARES LIGHT MANAGEMENT LEDVANCE offers you special services for this: PLANNING AND PRECONFIGURATION On request, we will take over complete preconfi- guration of the system and all its components. This will allow you to carry out commissioning on site quickly and easily.COMMISSIONING AND INSTRUCTIONAfter installation, you can also use our professio- nal programming and commissioning service. Our experts will commission the system for you and show you how to use it.DURING OPERATIONFrom fault analysis and troubleshooting to repro- gramming, reconfiguring and expanding the system – our experts will support you during operation on site.LEDVANCE | SERVICETAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SERVICE OFFERED BY LEDVANCE FOR TAILOR-MADE LIGHTING DESIGNAre you interested in our special services for your project requirements? Then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.Email: [email protected]: +49 89 780673-660YOUR BENEFITS AT A GLANCE— Uniformly good light distribution— Precise wattage per sqm— Maximum efficient calculation of required number of luminaires and VIVARES componentsASSEMBLE-TO-ORDER – INDIVIDUAL LIGHT IN NO TIMETHE KEY TO THIS CONCEPT: modular designs that are quick and easy to assemble. This means that we are already in a position to tailor certain special solutions to your needs. These individual lighting solutions are provided in consultation with us so please contact us.
16LEDVANCE | LED STRIP SYSTEMTHE LED STRIP SYSTEMAS FLEXIBLE AS YOUR DEMANDSLighten the mood – in the office of the future too. Light is no longer just about optimum visual conditions for productive work. More is needed to create a “feel-good office” that excites employees. For example, atmospheric accent lighting. LED Strips from LEDVANCE make it easy to create efficient and stylish lighting. Different white tones boost concentration, while a complete color range creates feel-good light and a cozy after-work atmosphere.YOUR CHALLENGEYou have higher demands on your overall lighting concept than just to produce brightness using state-of-the-art technology. Because you know that the right light can contribute significantly to an atmos-pheric ambience.So you need lighting solutions that highlight different areas to best effect – directly or indirectly. For example at reception, in corridors, in lounges, in creative rooms or in restrooms. Good job that LEDVANCE has the right solution here too.GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING LED STRIPS FROM LEDVANCE– The LEDVANCE LED Strip System and LED Strips, drivers, profiles and accessories are perfectly matched to one another– With light colors from warm 2 700 kelvin to activating 6 500 kelvin as well as dynamic Tunable White, RGBW and RGB solutions– COB LED Strips – exceptionally uniform light thanks to COB technology, without visible LED dots– Time-saving installation following our modular principleAssemble-to-order: individual pendant luminaires provide attractive contrasts in the old building – in consultation with us as part of your lighting designs.RGBW LED STRIPwith RGB color change and white light for general or accent lighting.LED STRIP TUNABLE WHITEExcellent indirect lighting for think tanks: both decorative and inspiring.3LEDVANCE | INNOVATIVE LIGHTING SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROWOUR HIGHLIGHTS0414081610181220BIOLUX HCLFOR MORE PRODUCTIVITY AND WELL-BEING04GREAT EXAMPLESFROM PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, FOR PRACTICAL APPLICATION08LEDVANCE SERVICESERVICES OFFERED BY LEDVANCELED STRIP SYSTEM AS FLEXIBLE AS YOUR DEMANDS02060105VIVARES ZIGBEE AND DALILIGHT MANAGEMENT, MORE COMFORTABLE THAN EVERVIVARES HCL VIVARES AND BIOLUX HCL LUMINAIRES COMBINEDUV-C AIR DISINFECTIONNO CHANCE FOR VIRUSES AND THE LIKE IN OFFICES03SMART+ SO LIGHTING CONTROL WILL DO EXACTLY AS YOU SAY0708060304010507

14LEDVANCE | VIVARES HCLIn the office of the future, creating good lighting is also a team effort. A great example is the VIVARES HCL system for Zigbee and DALI in combination with BIOLUX HCL luminaires which automatically adapt artificial light to the changes in natural daylight using an intelligent algorithm. This allows the entire team in open-plan offices and across the whole floor to benefit from the positive effects of HCL light. It boosts the employees’ well-being, performance and satisfaction.YOUR CHALLENGEYour job is to take into account both the visual and non-visual effects of light in your lighting concept for open-plan offices, floor solutions and training centers. Your client knows that future-proof light provides good vision and takes into account the biological effects of light on people, increasing their performance. And ideally, adapting the light to natural daylight should be automatic, the lighting should be integrated into an intelligent light management system and should be easy to control.VIVARES HCL LIGHT MANAGEMENT COMBINED WITH BIOLUX HCL FOR EFFECTIVE WORKPLACE CONCEPTSComing soon!
17LEDVANCE | LED STRIP SYSTEMOUR SOLUTIONLED Strips from LEDVANCE combine high quality with demand- based performance. The great selection of white and dynamic colored LED Strips in many different color temperatures enables decorative, atmospheric, pioneering and safety-enhancing appli-cations. One of the highlights are the new LEDVANCE COB LED Strips without light dots typical of conventional LED strips. The COB LED Strips carry so many LED chips that a very uniform light line is created over their entire length.What’s more, all LEDVANCE LED Strips are easy to plan, combine and install. The product range is included in the DIALux/RELUX software for implementing lighting projects. Alternatively, it can be planned, compiled and exported to a parts list using the LEDVANCE LED Strip Configurator.HELPFUL RIGHT DOWN THE LINEFor more information go to the components and luminaires at a glance:DECORATIVE LUMINAIRES It’s not just clever lighting solutions that provide accent lighting for an appealing ambience. You can also achieve that effect by combining the LED Strips with stylish and decorative luminaires from LEDVANCE. Try it out – there is a lot to choose from. a first impression! In the foyer modern, exclusive lighting design provides a warm reception. The new COB LED Strips with uniform light lines instead of visible LED dots make it possible.Top: Total flexibility? LED STRIPS RGBW offer different white tones to boost concentration, while their complete color range creates a cozy after-work atmosphere.Middle: The mix of indirect diffuse and directional light turns washrooms and toilets into an inviting space.Bottom: The subtile but effective illumination of staircases creates stylish effects and ensures safety. 19LEDVANCE | SMART+OUR SOLUTIONSMART+ WiFi is a simple – and particularly economical – way to get started with smart lighting. There’s also a variety of clever functions and a great choice of products on offer. It is particularly suitable for customers who value convenience, for those who like to keep up with the latest technology trends, and for those who want to use voice control to simplify their professional duties when their hands are tied doing other jobs.All your customer needs is a SMART+ WiFi lamp or lumi-naire, a router (which is part of pretty much every house-hold anyway), the free LEDVANCE SMART+ app – and they’re ready to go. The light
can also be controlled using an ordinary light switch (on/off), by remote control or by voice command in combination with a smart speaker. Options are pretty much endless.Eye-catching light – decorative wall luminaires have as much visual appeal as they have an impact on the atmosphere in the room.Rectangular panel luminaires for optimal illumination of work-places. SMART+ WIFI PLANON with Dimming, Tunable White and RGB function.Intelligent LED ceiling luminaire with integrated ventilation, UV-C purification and dimming function: SMART+ WIFI UV-C CEILING FAN.YOUR SMARTER WAY TO MORE INFORMATIONFind out more about our SMART+ range on our website. Including other techno-logies such as Bluetooth and Zigbee:SMART+ WIFI ORBIS WALL SWANin white as a decorative wall luminaire with Tunable White function.GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING SMART+ WIFII– Flexible control options– Easy integration of the products into the app or speakers– Huge selection of lamps and luminaires for indoor and outdoor use– Up to 250 products can be connected, around 50 can be controlled simultaneously1– Short response time1 The maximum number depends on the router 
4LEDVANCE | VIVARES ZIGBEEVIVARES ZIGBEE LIGHT MANAGEMENTWIRELESS, FLEXIBLE, ECONOMICALYOUR CHALLENGEYou are supposed to modernize an existing building without rewiring everything. The building may even be listed. To not lose the charm of the rooms by suspending high ceilings, you need products without additional control lines. And you need adjustable systems for flexible room situations where light distribution requirements change quite often.LINEAR INDIVILED ZIGBEEStylish lighting design from above featuring uniform light distribution and reduced glare thanks to IndiviLED optics.ZIGBEE SENSORSave energy when coming and going thanks to the wireless Zigbee 3.0 sensor.The office of the future does not have to be a new build. If you can’t make too many structural changes and/or are looking for flexible room situations VIVARES Zigbee is the ideal light management solution. It’s the easy way for you to create optimal lighting conditions for any defined situation. And it’s sustainable and saves you costs along the way. All the necessary com-ponents and a well-assorted selection of compatible LED luminaires are available from one excellent source: LEDVANCE.LED STRIP TUNABLE WHITEVersatile use and flexibly adjustable white tones for accent and general lighting on walls and ceilings.912S234X X 04/22 LEDVANCE EU-W MK TRA Subject to change without notice. Errors and omission excepted.LEDVANCE is licensee of product trademarkOSRAM for lamps products in general lighting.LEDVANCE.COMPartner:LEDVANCE GmbHParkring 29 – 3385748 GarchingGermanyLEDVANCE.COMABOUT LEDVANCEWith offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world’s leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. Having emerged from OSRAM’s general lighting division, LEDVANCE offers a wide-ranging portfolio of LED luminaires for a broad spectrum of applications, intelligent lighting products for Smart Home and Smart Building solutions, one of the most comprehensive ranges of advanced LED lamps in the lighting industry, traditional light sources, an LED Strip System and light management systems.Voltimum är en portal med verktyg, information och tjänster som gör livet lättare för människor som jobbar i elinstallationsbranschen. Mest kända är vi nog för vårt nyhetsbrev Voltinews. I nyhetsbrevet finns artiklar om regelverket, produkterna, företagen, människorna och marknaden.23LEDVANCE | THE FULL LEDVANCE RANGEGOOD LIGHT ALL ROUNDTHE FULL LEDVANCE RANGEAESTHETICALLY FUNCTIONAL LUMINAIRESThe extensive luminaire portfolio covers virtually all profes-sional and residential applications and delivers outstanding quality and functionality. The new BIOLUX HCL system is a winner of the VDE Quality Certificate, and the Red Dot 2020 Product Design and 2020 German Innovation Awards.EACH LAMP A LIGHTING SOLUTIONThe lamp portfolio includes a wide choice of shapes and base sizes as well as types with additional functions (e.g. sensors), all with outstanding efficiency and durability. Alongside UV-C and LED lamps, LEDVANCE will continue to offer conventional halogen, energy-saving, fluorescent and gas discharge lamps.FLEXIBLE LED STRIP SYSTEMThe LED Strip System includes a large number of flexible LED strips, drivers and matching accessories. With a wide range of luminous fluxes and light colors, the system allows bespoke lighting solutions to be created for virtually any indoor or outdoor application. Easy to plan, easy to combine and easy to install – that’s the principle here.VIVARES: LIGHT MANAGEMENT, MORE COMFORTABLE THAN EVER The future-proof IoT light management system (LMS) from LEDVANCE makes it easier and more flexible than ever to always produce optimal lighting conditions for defined require ments. The system is extremely reliable and compatible and offers all LMS components and matching LED luminaires from one source.SMART LIGHTING FOR RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONSOur smart residential products offer a comprehensive combination of innovation, quality, reliability and user- friendliness. We provide a suitable solution for a variety of requirements that intelligent lighting has to meet.MORE INFORMATION AND CLEVER TOOLSFor more information on LEDVANCE’s extensive productportfolio and clever apps and tools that will help you inyour day-to-day work go to ledvance.comLEDVANCE is leading the fight against bad light in every area. That’s good news for you because when it comes to future-proof solutions relating to luminaires and lamps, HCL systems, electronic components, light management and smart residential products, you have a competent partner in LEDVANCE on your side for your complex lighting projects. You can always rely on LEDVANCE for excellent brand quality, professional service and a good price/performance ratio.

18LEDVANCE | SMART+SMART+ SO LIGHTING CONTROL WILL DO EXACTLY AS YOU SAYNever get up and go to the light switch again – of course that’s something you would also like to do in the office of the future. Your lights shouldn’t just be easy to control by voice in your Smart Home but also at your desk. With SMART+, LEDVANCE offers the perfect solution for small offices, intelligent individual offices and home offices as well as lounge areas and creative spaces. Experience it yourself. LEDVANCE light obeys you.YOUR CHALLENGEThe office of the future you are planning should of course also be one thing: smart. So the lighting should be comfortable and very easy to control – ideally by voice com-mand. Lights on, lights off, lights brighter, lights darker – your customers just want to call these words into the room. Including customized light routines and scenarios. And without an additional gateway. It should also be compatible with all common voice control systems such as Google Nest, Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit. Finally, voice control should be set up with just a few clicks and be as reliable as Google and WiFi in the office.SMART LED LAMPS, dimmable and with the option of changing from cold white to warm white light or RGBW function.THE PERFECT DUO: LEDVANCE SMART+ WIFI AND GOOGLEEASY CONTROL BY SMARTPHONE OR VOICE COMMANDDownload the LEDVANCE SMART+ appRegister and connect the routerTurn on the LEDVANCE lamp/luminaire and integrate it in the LEDVANCE SMART+ app. Done!If you want to expand your control options, simply link the LEDVANCE SMART+ app with the Google Home app or another system and connect your Google Nest or other compatible smart speaker. That’s it!1423Hey Googleworks withSMART+ WIFI is compatible with all common voice control systems such as Google Nest, Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit.
m LEDVANCE which has already been implemented is a great example of a future office and gives you lots of ideas. Here, efficient LED luminaires and innovative technologies such as human centric lighting (HCL) were combined to create modern working environments. What’s more, standard and tailor-made lighting concepts provide beautiful design accents.THE SOLUTIONThe reason why LEDVANCE was chosen was our innovative LED lighting concept for the whole office. Key elements were LEDVANCE TRACKLIGHT SPOT COMPACT luminaires with yellow housings which perfectly fit the customer’s wishes. Indirect lighting from LEDVANCE LED Strips in the reception area and the LEDVANCE BIOLUX HCL system for the meeting room which adapts its light to the changes in natural daylight are just as impressive. And DOWNLIGHT luminaires and the VINTAGE 1906 BUBBLE PENDANTS complete the lighting concept.Energy-saving and glare-free Panel Performance luminaires for optimal light at workplaces.31Compact track- mounted spotlight with an integrated control gear in the track.2Single-colored or color-changing LED Strips provide modern accents in any ambience.THE CHALLENGEIn the striking Landmarx office building, an independent part of the T-Center in Vienna, several office units were to be rented out long-term. Part of the building was completely renovated for this purpose. One office unit served as a sample office. Quadoro GmbH as an asset management company was commissioned by KTB Liegenschaftsbesitz GmbH to find a lighting expert who would equip the various rooms of the sample office with an attractive and convincing lighting solution for potential tenants.To see other projects go to20LEDVANCE | CASE STUDY BUSINESS CAMPUS GARCHINGCASE STUDYTHAT’S HOW LIGHTING IS DONE TODAY AT BUSINESS CAMPUS GARCHING1. VIVARES Zigbee and DALI light management2. BIOLUX HCL systemFor Garching Business Campus, LEDVANCE developed a customized lighting concept with innovative energy-efficient lighting solutions. The result: maximum convenience and feel-good atmosphere. The VIVARES light management system and BIOLUX HCL system, smart and deco-rative luminaires, and LED Strips and customized luminaires are part of the new concept.1In the laptop lounge, the VIVARES Zigbee light management system with L/O sensors and panel luminaires offers a variety of control options.2Lounge area with customized LED strip pendants and decorative VINTAGE 1906 PenduLum luminaires.2The BIOLUX HCL system boosts concentration, motivation and well-being by dynamically adjusting the light.THE SOLUTIONAs an expert in complex lighting systems and projects, LEDVANCE was the client’s first choice. On top of improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, the focus was on making the workplace more attractive and enhance the employees’ well-being. The VIVARES light management system as wireless Zigbee and wired DALI versions as well as the BIOLUX HCL system did just that. LEDVANCE also pulled out all the stops visually, providing modern luminaires with future-proof technology, decorative luminaires and indirect accent lighting.THE CHALLENGEModern offices are not just functional workplaces. They are supposed to positively influence the motivation, well-being and productivity of employees, promote team spirit and, as a collaborative and social place, also make the employer more attractive. With this in mind, Business Campus Management GmbH in Garching developed the Business Campus Hub, which is available to rent, as a future office. The goal was to add value for companies and employees and also boost office space rentals. The lighting concept needed to meet all the demands of innovative office lighting and make the premises more attractive for potential tenants.To see other projects go to 8LEDVANCE | VIVARES CLOUD SYSTEMCLOUD SERVICES FOR VIVARES DALI AND VIVARES ZIGBEEKEEP AN EYE ON EVERYTHINGWelcome to the Internet of Things! Using the VIVARES Cloud, you now have access to the data of your lighting system from anywhere in the office of the future. This allows you to make its operation even more efficient, reliable, energy-saving and cost- effective.The cloud services for VIVARES DALI and VIVARES Zigbee enable you to optimize your lighting system wherever you are. With the intuitive dashboard you can monitor energy consumption, the operating hours of the drivers and the relevant lighting data, among other things. Various filter functions give you the option of analyzing the data according to your needs.SERVICE THAT IS WELL WORTH IT – Optimize energy consumption– Reduce maintenance costs – adapt the maintenance cycle to actual demand– Diagnose faults from any location – all you need is internet access and a tablet/PC– Future-proof with the option of new servicesFor our cloud services go to FOR EVEN MORE EFFICIENT OPERATIONENERGY MONITORING Your customers can get detailed insights into the energy con-sumption of the lighting system. Its energy costs can be reduced even further through monitoring. A selling point that will convince price-conscious and/or eco- friendly customers in particular.DASHBOARDThe dashboard is the central tool for accessing the VIVARES Cloud services. Everything is clearly laid out and very user- friendly, which makes using services such as energy moni-toring and predictive remote diagnosis very comfortable.MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT Via remote access, your custo-mers can keep an eye on the status of the system and its com-ponents. Fault diagnosis and information on lifetime allow maintenance to be predictive, cost-saving and particularly reliable.LEDVANCE VIVARES CLOUD SERVICES 11LEDVANCE | UV-C AIR DISINFECTIONOur UV-C high-tech devices continuously suck in ambient air and destroy the viruses on the aerosols.OUR SOLUTIONUV-C air disinfectors use UV radiation to inactivate viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, etc. That means that everyone is protected and can carry on working in the office of the future because they are supplied with safe, clean air.And how does that work? If aerosols are exposed to the right dose of UV radiation, viruses, bacteria and mold spores will be destroyed. This effect has been scientifically proven many times – also for coronaviruses. It effectively minimizes the risk of infection with all kinds of pathogens. Without changing an expensive, possibly contaminated filter. A UV-C lamp only needs to be replaced after about 16 000 operating hours.1. LEDVANCE UVC AIR TUBE V702. HÖNLE STERIWHITE AIR Q115 / Q330 / Q600 / Q900The SteriWhite Air Q from Hönle in cooperation with LEDVANCE works on the same principle.Thanks to its elegant design and quiet operation, the Red Dot Design Award winning device fits discreetly into any room.INSTALLATION ACCESSORIESVertical, horizontal, wall-mounted or suspended – with its reduced design the LEDVANCE UVC AIR TUBE V70 integrates seamlessly into any room thanks to optional mounting kits.2STERIWHITE AIR Q115Continuous air circulation in enclosed spaces gives viruses, bacteria and mold spores no chance.LEDVANCE AIR DISINFECTORVisit our website to learn more about our highlight UV-C air disinfector:

12LEDVANCE | BIOLUX HCLHUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING FOR MORE PRODUCTIVITY AND WELL-BEINGLighting solutions for modern work environments in future offices must be designed to promote creative thinking and high levels of concentration at desks, on computers and in factories. Human centric lighting places the focus on people and their need for natural light. Flexible, healthy and effective. That makes working in the office fun.YOUR CHALLENGEDo you come across offices in your jobs with little daylight, dark meeting rooms and artificial light until late into the night? These are working conditions that are (unfortunately) often still standard in offices.But since you know that good light is an essential source of well-being, performance and satisfaction, you need lighting solutions for your design that are based on people’s biorhythms.Because a lack of daylight can cause serious disruption to our day-night rhythm (our “body clock”), and massively deteriorate our performance and overall well-being.GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING BIOLUX HCL:– Artificial light based on changes in natural light accurate for the day and location – with the best possible biological effect– Ideal for single-room solutions with up to 20 luminaires such as meeting rooms or offices with little or no daylight– Simple commissioning via smartphone app and intuitive operation using a control unit.CIRCADIAN RHYTHM – THE BODY’S 24-HOUR CYCLENOON12:00 pmCool White lightEVENING06:00 pmWarm White lightMORNING06:00 amWhite light10:00 amBest attentionPeople are fit and motivated02:30 pmBest coordination03:30 pmFast response time09:00 pmLess light stimuliPeople get tired02:00 amDeep sleep phaseThe body recoversNIGHT00:00 amNo light07:30 amWaking phaseProgrammes the body for day-time operationSource: LightingEuropeBIOLUX HCLTechnically optimized lighting by adapting artificial light to the changes in natural daylight – and therefore to the human biorhythm.15LEDVANCE | VIVARES HCLOUR SOLUTIONThe perfect synergy of VIVARES HCL for the Zigbee or DALI light management system in combination with BIOLUX HCL luminaires. They simulate the changes in natural daylight up to 95 % to ensure maximum concen-tration in the morning and relaxation in the evening even in dark rooms. The other benefits are just as important. The light “feels” like you are outside in natural sunlight. And several studies have proved that simulated daylight has amazing effects.The results range from an extra two hours of effec – tive working time per month and a 4.5 % increase in pro ductivity to a year of longer employee retention. At the same time, the error rate is going down by 2 % and the sickness rate by 1 %. GET CONNECTEDFor more information about VIVARES HCL visitMorning: cold white light for maximum concentration and motivation.Midday: bright, friendly light for a relaxing break.Afternoon: optimum coordination and reaction time – ideal for meetings.Evening: warm light for a relaxing end to the day.GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING VIVARES HCL– Biologically optimized lighting for different work situations– Certified LEDVANCE HCL curves for very accurate simulation of natural daylight– Increases well-being and performance– Luminaire specification adapted to HCL requirements– Easy integration and use with the VIVARES light management system(Source: AT Kearney, Quantified benefits of Human Centric Lighting, (2015))22LEDVANCE | RENOVATION OF BUILDINGSBUILDING RENOVATION: BETTER LIGHT AND ENERGY SAVINGSA look at numerous offices shows that many lighting systems are outdated and far from future-proof. Renovation sustainably reduces energy consumption, saves costs and brings a significant increase in lighting quality.CO2 REDUCTIONIn the EU, the building sector accounts for around 36 % of total CO2 emissions. Since 35 % of the buildings are over 50 years old, there is great renovation potential in this area. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions on the European construction market by at least 55 % by 2030 through energy-related retrofits and efficient technology. The EU countries support this goal with subsidies for energy- related building renovation. LEDVANCE’s economical LED and connected lighting solutions are an excellent match for these savings.A carefully planned change to sustainably efficient lighting brings clear benefits for your customers: —Permanent reduction in electricity and operating costs —More lighting quality to make working more pleasant —Compliance with all legal requirements —Preservation of the building as an investmentPOTENTIAL SAVINGS FOR INTERIOR LIGHTING – EXAMPLE OF A 2-AXIS OFFICE* Fluorescent lamps with low power loss, luminaires with modern directional lighting technology. Source: licht.de50%0%Energy consumption100%100%50%0%Energy savings Old system from the 80s, three-band fluorescent lamp ø 26 mm on CCG, old building luminaire with white louverModern system, fluorescent lamps ø 16 mm on ECG*– 30 %Modern LED luminaires– 50 %LED luminaires with daylight control– 70 %LED luminaires with presence and daylight control– 80 %RENOVATION OPTIONS AND POTENTIAL SAVINGSNew system and light managementProfessional lighting design1:1 replacementLamp replacementlow Required planning highlow Potential savings highFour retrofit stages: increased comfort and potential energy savings with each stage.YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS – WE HAVE THE ANSWERSDo you need more information on our products or SLR/ELR? Our experts are happy to advise you. You can reach our technical team at [email protected] or by phone on +49 89 780673-680Source: licht.de2What will the office of the future look like? How about the New Work approach to digitalization, sustainability, flexible working time models and work-life balance? And the race to recruit the best people? What’s needed is a new working culture in highly flexible and networked office concepts. Including hybrid, well-equipped workplaces that focus on the employee. The office as a place for face-to-face contact, concentrated working and new ideas in the team. A place where the real and digital worlds seamlessly blend into one. This means that the lighting also has to develop with the requirements of New Work concepts and support the company’s growth plans.For you as a project developer, electrical planner and installer it opens up new opportunities. LEDVANCE offers complete solutions with sophisticated, easy-to-use products and systems that meet the requirements of the future thanks to great compatibility. For high-quality, climate-friendly and future-proof light which reduces energy and maintenance costs as well as CO2 emissions and increases employee concentration and well-being. See for yourself.THE OFFICE OF THE FUTURE NEEDS FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS THAT GROW WITH IT LEDVANCE | INNOVATIVE LIGHTING SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROWTOP REFERENCES You can find illustrative examples of complex projects that we have successfully implemented with our customers atör att vara framgångsrik i denna roll söker vi dig med ett teknikintresse som har mångårig erfarenhet av internationella affärer med lokala och globala kunder. Vidare har du erfarenhet av att bygga partnersamarbeten på europeisk och global nivå. Det är meriterande om du har erfarenhet från den internationella säkerhetsmarknaden.