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Who Wants To Be A Cotton Millionaire

This is our last episode of the year until March 2022, so we’re ending the season off with a review on how our investing styles have changed over the past 12 months!Welcome back angels! Today Sim & Sonya discuss a current hot topic in the investing world – Evergrande. Join us as we give you a bit of context to this fiasco & how it impacts us as everyday investors.

We’re kicking off Season 4 with a good ol convo about Money Mindset! We’ve got Ana Kresina, Head of Product and Community at Pearler joining us to share her story on Money Mindset while growing up, how it can change over time and some practical tips on how to start/change your own Money Mindset. Make sure you’re ready to take notes 📝In a three part series, we invite Brooke Roberts, Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Director at Sharesies to chat with us today about how she got to where she is, what she invests in, what she think about ethical investing and any tips she has for those who want to follow in her (big) footsteps!Thank you to Delta Investment Tracker for sponsoring this week’s episode. Their tracker app allows you to experience the easiest and most beautiful way to track both your crypto and stock investments to help keep you on top of the game and make better financial decisions.

Welcome back, lovely humans! Today on the podcast we are absolutely HONOURED to interview a truly phenomenal woman, Iris Smit – Founder of The Quick Flick and Beauty Fridge. Get your notepad & pen ready – this episode is filled with gems! 🤌
Welcome back! Today we have Rebecca Leppard on the show giving us her perspective on Money & Relationships! We dive into her background, how she navigated talking about finances before she was married and if there’s really such a thing as ”the perfect financial system” between individuals?!Hello our loves, it’s a mid (well, 9 month) update on how Sonya went with her low buy year – was she actually able to avoid takeouts? did she stop buying daily coffees (short answer, no) and what trips and tricks did she have to manage to drop her gift-buying spending by half. Welcome back angels! Today’s episode we give you an overview on what the Metaverse is, how you can make $$$ in the Metaverse and whether or not Sim & Sonya will find themselves amongst you lot in the virtual world. Welcome back lovelies. Today Sim & Sonya are breaking down all things Ark. Join us as we dive into the founder, CEO & CIO of Ark Invest – Cathie Wood. We also give you a rundown on ARK’s top 5 ETFs and their holdings!Hello and welcome back to Season 4 of Girls That Invest. While we are so excited to be back, we would like to first acknowledge the harrowing situation occurring in Ukraine at the moment. It doesn’t escape us how privileged we are to be sharing these conversations with you at this time. If you have the means & capacity to help, please check out these resources on how you can help the people of Ukraine.

Welcome back lovelies. Today, we’re introducing you Erin Moriarty: Head of Finance at Sharesies. Get ready for some amazing advice to be shared as we dive into Erin’s journey in the finance world & how we can all start talking all things money in our circles. We can’t thank Erin enough for coming onto the show!Hello hello! In today’s episode/financial therapy session, we expose our top 4 money mistakes we’ve made the past year. Join our Facebook group where you can share your biggest money learns.

Athletic Greens is going to give you a free 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit fam, hope you’re all doing well. In todays episode, we’re discussing the Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler – we recap what the doco was about, our thoughts on the situation and finish up with an age old (and at times controversial) conversation about giving people money.

Huge thank you to YourCycle for powering this weeks episode. YourCycle offers organic cotton period products on subscription, delivered straight to your door. Use the code ”GTI50” in checkout to get 50% off your first box to start your ethical period care journey today. Athletic Greens is going to give you a free 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit Thank you to WeMoney for sponsoring today’s episode. Managing money and debts can be complicated and that’s why the WeMoney app is here to help. WeMoney is a financial wellness app with over 200k downloads helping Australians to hit their financial goals and pay down debt faster! Hit the link below to download the FREE app and start hitting those goals.Disclaimer: Girls That Invest does not provide personalised investing advice for your individual needs. We Are Not Financial Advisors. The advice from Girls That Invest exists for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon to make an investment or financial decision. Advice from Girls That Invest is general in nature and does not consider individual circumstances. Always do your research and please use your due diligence.

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Welcome back angels! Today Sim & Sonya discuss their top 4 takeaways from one of the most popular investing books – The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. We discuss Value Investing, Mr Market, Inflation and how we just can’t predict the future.
Hello loves! We’re super lucky to have a VIP on the podcast today, the infamous Glen James from the My Millenial Money Podcast, Glen is an award winning ex financial advisor and recently an author for the #1 personal finance book Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested

Hello hello! On this weeks episode, Sim takes us through a few reasons why NFTs are on the decline, if we should consider jumping in or out during this time and some handy tips on how to ride the volatility wave.
Welcome back lovelies! Today’s episode includes a brief history lesson, an update on the market, stock market corrections and some handy dandy tips on how to navigate life while we’re in a correction. How fun and fresh.

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Welcome back lovelies. Today we talk about FOMO investing, if it’s actually that bad for you, the effects of it, and what tips we have to deal with it! This eppy is a good one so sit back, relax and enjoy!Skapa innehåll som är exklusivt för ditt varumärke genom att ta del av Getty Images globala datadrivna insikter och nätverk med fler än 340 000 skapare.

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